3 SMS Tracker That Actually Work

Google SMS tracking apps and you get a slew of sites hawking this and that monitoring app. Some are free; many carry a price tag. In addition, there are many that are clunky or worse, don’t even work at all. An outstanding sms tracker should have the qualities of being absolutely unobtrusive, a seamless worker […]

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Parent Checklist to Keep Kids Safe

For parents nothing is more scary than the thought of a child disappearing without a trace. Thankfully stranger kidnappings are rare. However, we still want to do all we can to avoid this horrific crime happening to us. Here are some things you can implement right now to keep your kids safe from abduction and […]

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Top 10 Steps You Should Take to Respond to Cyberbullying

Article By Carrie Goldman Cyberbullying is an issue that affects us all: grown men and women, teenagers, tweens, and even children. It can eat up a shocking number of mental and physical hours each day, especially given the amount of time we spend with screens. No one is immune. Whether you are a female gamer, […]

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What is Geofencing and How It Can Help Parents Keep Children Safe

Geofencing is another bit of technology which you, as a parent, may find rather useful. It’s not in very common usage yet; but it does use the ubiquitous GPS and/or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification –Bluetooth, wifi, etc.) as part of its technology. Global Positioning System (GPS), as you already know, is a system that uses […]

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Internet Safety Facts Parents Should Know About

The internet is such a part of our everyday lives now. In fact, we probably don’t even give it second thought. If you want the answer to something, just google it. How convenient! Your children’s generation is the first to grow up with this advanced access. It’s no surprise if they know more about digital […]

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How to Use GPS Tracking

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite navigation process that assists in information of location and time, irrespective of the weather conditions. This is a powerful tool that provides a wide range of uses. This innovative technology is used all over the world for both civil and military purposes. From controlling navigation, shuttle control and […]

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Why Open Communication with Our Kids Is More Vital Now Than Ever

Although many are called to parenthood, few have the skill and the perseverance to be effective moms and dads, the kind that raise well-balanced, confident, independent children. Their parenting secret? Open communication—one of the most important factors of a healthy, happy family life.   Importance of Talking and Listening to Your Child One’s parenting style […]

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Signs of Cyberbullying & Teen Depression

Cyberbullying and Teens Cyberbullying is a major danger that teens face. Long gone are the days when a bully stood in front of another child, took their lunch money and said threatening words to their face. Today’s bullies are online and often anonymous. That said, they are often people who your child knows. How can […]

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When You Should Give Your Child A Phone

Now here’s a parental conundrum: At what age is a child old enough to own a smartphone or at least have one to carry around? According to a survey by Influence Central, the average age of smartphone-wielding kids today is ten years old; although, the numbers are trending toward an even younger, tender age of […]

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