How Surveillance Can Make Your Home and Neighborhood Safer

Surveillance is a common topic among many Americans today. Whether they are being monitored at their local grocery store, in their parking garage at work, elevators up to their office, just about anywhere you look you find a camera looking back. This new fascination with surveillance has even…

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Digital Surveillance Software for Startup Businesses

Employee surveillance is quite a controversial issue these days, mainly due to privacy issues. However, using surveillance might become a necessity in your business. Your employees, as well as your business, are susceptible to various dangers. Dangers that can be avoided with the right protective surveillance. Why do…

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What is Telephone Surveillance?

Traditionally referred to as wiretapping, telephone surveillance is becoming increasingly popular in the home as well as business settings. While some may regard it as snooping, others value the opportunity to take a proactive approach to safety and security. New technology has made it easy for anyone to…

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What is Network Surveillance?

By definition, the act of network surveillance is undertaken by individuals, organizations, and governments. The aim is to monitor activities or capture information from a computer, a network, or other devices. It’s typically done in a covert manner, and you may be familiar with it in law enforcement…

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