Why Open Communication with Our Kids Is More Vital Now Than Ever

Although many are called to parenthood, few have the skill and the perseverance to be effective moms and dads, the kind that raise well-balanced, confident, independent children. Their parenting secret? Open communication—one of the most important factors of a healthy, happy family life.   Importance of Talking and…

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Signs of Cyberbullying & Teen Depression

Cyberbullying and Teens Cyberbullying is a major danger that teens face. Long gone are the days when a bully stood in front of another child, took their lunch money and said threatening words to their face. Today’s bullies are online and often anonymous. That said, they are often…

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When You Should Give Your Child A Phone

Now here’s a parental conundrum: At what age is a child old enough to own a smartphone or at least have one to carry around? According to a survey by Influence Central, the average age of smartphone-wielding kids today is ten years old; although, the numbers are trending…

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Watch Out For These Signs of Online Predators

Child predators are everywhere, gaining ground fast in the online world, and it’s becoming harder to protect our children. Ask yourself, when was the last time you turned on the news and didn’t see something about a missing and/or abducted child? Knowing what warning signs to look for…

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