Defining Surveillance

The classic definition of surveillance means to put someone or something under close observation.  There are now more ways to perform surveillance than at any other time in Earth’s history.  Surveillance software and devices can be employed by those with honorable intentions as well as those performing belligerent…

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How to Stop Cyberbullying with Parental Controls

1 in 3 Internet users are youths. They have a wider access to the Web than any generation before, and with that, the potential for online cyberbullying has also become greater. With everything being online now - talking, texting, showing pictures - the platform for bullying has increased…

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What are Parental Controls?

We live in a time where all of our information and identities exist online. We post pictures of our friends and ourselves, and at times forget that we are exposing ourselves. I know what you’re thinking, “I’m an adult, I can take care of myself.” Sure! But what…

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Common Ways Fraudsters Find Personal Information

Elders, as well as youngsters, have embraced the internet as a socializing tool. They like to share messages and texts, create social networking profiles, update personal statuses, and enjoy interacting with strangers. Generally, these activities are considered fun and beneficial. This is true to some extent for the…

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How a Person Search by SSN on Your Child Can Uncover Fraud

The dangers of letting children surf the net capture headlines daily due to cyberbullying; however, there is another dark danger to children being online – child identity theft. In the past, thieves would have to depend on a lost social security card or a discarded credit card receipt…

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Are there Predators with No Criminal Record?

Child predators are a sad reality that most of us try to escape from, yet fail to. What we hear on the news is sadly true as the number of juvenile sex offenders is on a constant rise, and it is high time that we do something about…

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