A Guide for Adults on Kids Allergies

What is a food allergy? Food allergies are serious and potentially life-threatening medical conditions that affect many people around the world. They usually occurs when the immune system sees a particular food as harmful and reacts badly, causing rashes, swelling, wheezing and such. Foods that cause allergy to the immune system of the body are […]

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The Most Common Food Allergies To Be On The Lookout For

It’s far from pleasant when a food you enjoy triggers an unpleasant reaction in your body after eating it. Of course, it can be tempting to eat it anyway and live with the consequences. After all, who can resist those jelly beans (or peanuts in my case)? A short trip to the bathroom or experiencing […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Food Allergies

Having a food allergy can seem scary, at first. You’re given the diagnosis and think “great, but what can I eat?!” and “how do I avoid having a reaction?” But you’re not alone. According to research by FARE, around “1 in every 13 children in the United States under age 18 have food allergies”, bringing […]

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