How To Look Up Someone After Recognizing Signs of Predatory Behavior towards your Child

When a child starts spending a lot of their time online, they become an easy target for online predators. Instead of spending time in the neighborhood with their friends or hanging out with other children from school, kids who stay online tend to prefer communicating with online strangers via social networking websites, forums, instant messaging, […]

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Child-Safety Alert: Predators Know How to Find Information About Someone

Cyber predators use the medium of the internet to victimize or take advantage of a child either sexually, emotionally, psychologically or financially. Cyber predators are really skilled at crafting means to hunt and manipulate children, starting from the establishment of trust and friendship. The internet is a place for research and scholastic engagement and online […]

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Look Up Anybody Who Uses this Internet Lingo with Your Child

AMA, PAW, KPC, bae…is this English? Yes, in all its phrasal acronymic glory, only comprehensible to those under the age of 25. It’s internet and SMS speak that has left most of us scratching our heads over what kids are talking about these days. And the vocab is growing. The English language itself is burgeoning […]

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How Criminal Records Searches can Protect You and Your Family

Whether you are a parent of a little infant or the parent of a teenager, it goes without saying that parental care and concern are paramount to you. With the increasing rates of crimes against children, parents should be more proactive in their involvement to help their children stay clear from any unwanted attention and […]

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Investigate People Online and Avoid These Common Mistakes

In these times, it’s really easy to investigate people online but that doesn’t mean it won’t be complicated when it comes time to conduct one. Not having enough information is one of the biggest problems an individual will face when investigating people online. This goes hand in hand with the fact that dozens, if not […]

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Are there Predators with No Criminal Record?

Child predators are a sad reality that most of us try to escape from, yet fail to. What we hear on the news is sadly true as the number of juvenile sex offenders is on a constant rise, and it is high time that we do something about it. Child predators are everywhere, and it […]

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