Digital Surveillance Software for Startup Businesses

Employee surveillance is quite a controversial issue these days, mainly due to privacy issues. However, using surveillance might become a necessity in your business. Your employees, as well as your business, are susceptible to various dangers. Dangers that can be avoided with the right protective surveillance. Why do…

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Before You Apply, Know What Shows Up On Your Background Search

Ok, you just aced the job interview, and you’re looking forward to doing a background check before you officially land the job. Now you’re worried about that thing that happened in college. Or you are scared of a super-secret government database that stores inside information on you. Does…

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Find Info on Anyone at Your New Job

Starting a new job is always stressful and challenging, and we want to make sure our coworkers make it easier for us, right? Before accepting a job, it can be very beneficial to at least delve a little bit into the company and the people you will be…

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