The Best Parental Control App for Free

Knowing kids, all you have to do is look the other way and they’ll start scheming surreptitious ways to break the house rules. The same thing is going to happen with their phones. You want to stay a step ahead and make sure that, no matter where they…

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The Best Free Parental Control Apps for Cellphones

Choosing between applications or software can certainly be brain-wracking. But isn’t technology supposed to be the solution to all of our petty problems? Try telling that to a parent who’s juggling between babies and pancake batter in the mornings! To us parents, we care about what works, not…

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Background Search: When To Do One?

Conducting a background search on anyone is very important business, but it’s important to know when it’s right to do so. If you are a parent who has an odd feeling over another parent, a family member, neighbor, teacher, or whatever the case may be, you may feel…

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Look Up People Online: The Most Popular Search Tools

You may be an employer or a concerned parent seeking to screen those in your business or around your family. You may want the added convenience of looking people up online. For your convenience, we have listed some of the most popular tools to perform background checks or…

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What is a Background Check?

Whether you’re an employer or a concerned parent, you might want to know what’s in an applicant’s or boyfriend’s history. There is a need for vital information to ensure the safety and security of your clients, employees, or even family. A background check is one of the best…

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Top 8 Free Phone Tracker

Society is changing, and our worst nightmare as parents is to find out that crime is on the rise. To make matters worse, our children grow up a little too fast, making it a lot harder to keep track of them, especially when most of their conversations are…

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Mobile Spy App Review

Mobile Spy app offers a lot of cool features to help you keep track of what your children or any of your loved ones are doing with their phones. Yes, the word “spy” might sound silly.  But when this app is in the right hands and is used for…

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