Virtual Kidnapping – Unleashing The Growing Online Scam

Unleashing The Growing Online Scam What will be your first response when you abruptly get a ransom call saying that your kid is missing or is in danger? Almost certainly you will lose it and panic frantically. You instantly consent to the payoff request and eventually discover that…

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Social Media & Kidnapping

Social Media is the perfect hunting ground for potential kidnappers Kids are spending more time indoors and the way they socialize is changing. As parents, we think we are keeping our kids safe by keeping them in the house under our watchful gaze. But how safe are they…

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What Is Virtual Kidnapping

A growing crime that feeds off every parent’s worst nightmare Imagine you said goodbye to your child one morning and watched them go off to school before heading to your office. It’s the same routine you follow every day. But halfway through your morning the unthinkable happens –…

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KidGuard GPS Tracker

A great way to track your kids’ whereabouts, no matter what their age   How can I keep my child safe whilst allowing them the freedom to go out and enjoy the world around them? This is a question occupying the minds of many parents. We want to…

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What Is True About Kidnapping From The Movie Taken

The multi-million dollar grossing thriller Taken, released in 2008, has arguably done more to raise awareness of people trafficking and violent kidnapping than any other movie in recent times. Not only that, but it has sent shivers down the spines of all parents who have watched the movie,…

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Kidnap & Ransom: Beware of Virtual Kidnapping

There are instances in which you may believe your child or family member has been kidnapped, only for it to turn out they haven’t been kidnapped at all. Instead, you are made to believe that your child has been kidnapped or that they are in danger so the…

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Who Can Help You Locate Missing Child

If your child goes missing, there is a plethora of resources, organizations, and contacts you can turn to in order to help locate them:   Child Find of America Child Find of America, is an organization with the mission of ‘bringing kids home’ and ‘keeping them safe’. Child…

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Follow These Steps If Your Child Is Kidnapped

Parents -- if the worst thing happens and your child goes missing, there are a few facts you absolutely need to know. First and foremost: Do not wait 24 hours to report your missing child. The first 24 hours are critical in finding your child. Be sure to…

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