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Technology has enabled kids to have more privacy and freedom than ever before, privileges that have proven more unsafe than good for them in many cases.  Harmful conversations, questionable friendships, and dangerous interests may actually be forming right now under even the most watchful parents’ noses.  

Without knowing what your kids do on their smartphones — who they talk to, what they talk about, where they plan to go, etc. — traditional parental vigilance can only do so much in protecting in a child from physical, psychological, or emotional harm.    

Should you then ban cellphones, tablets, and PCs and heave your kids back to the social Paleolithic age? No such luck. Technology is all around us; there’s no beating it, just joining it — with a few tricks up your sleeve.  

Only a few parents are probably aware that these “can’t-live-without” smartphones can turn out to be indispensable parental allies. Yes. You can use your kid’s Android phone to keep them under surveillance. Call it spying; tracking; snooping; or glaze it with a better term, “parental monitoring” –whatever floats your boat, but your kid’s safety comes numero uno over their privacy.  

There are a number of apps out there that can keep you up-to-date on your child’s messages, record phone conversations, show their location in real time, and even know what videos they have stored in their devices. Sneak one of these apps into their Android phone and voila!…you’ll be the All-Seeing Eye.


DDI Utilities

A nifty program for both Android and iPhone devices, DDI Utilities can show and recover current, archived, and even deleted text messages, complete with date, time, and phone numbers. It can also track incoming and outgoing calls.

In addition, the app can dredge up erased photos, show stored videos, reveal all calendar events, and locate the phone if the device is within the 50-foot range of your monitoring gadget.  


SMS Tracker

By installing SMS Tracker on your kid’s phone, you will be able to remotely view all SMS and MMS messages, phone calls, photos sent and received, videos, and browsing history. The GPS utility can show you your child’s location on a map from any web browser.

All incoming and outgoing messages will show date, time, applicable phone number, name of the message’s sender or recipient, and where the monitored phone is located at the time of the message. Every instance your child fires up his browser, sends a message, or receives a call, the app reports your child’s phone location in real time. SMS Tracker may be downloaded from Google Play.

Although comprehensive, the app cannot track emails and messages send through third-party apps such as WhatsApp and Hello SMS.


As with most remote spy software, AirDroid needs to be downloaded and installed on the target phone. The phone is then synced to your gadget via a supplied link pasted onto the web address bar of your browser. Once a link has been established you can navigate the contents of your child’s phone and even transfer files between them.  

This app works well on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.



For a low priced monthly subscription, TeenSafe offers SMS, MMS, phone call, photos, video, and location monitoring. There’s more to it though.

The software allows you to monitor activity on third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Tinder, and Kik, a plus not readily available in other remote spy apps.  



Hoverwatch promises better invisibility features while allowing the subscriber to monitor all texts, MMS, calls, location, etc. In addition, the software can still track your child’s device even he changes its SIM card.  


Remote spy software are generally inconspicuous and hidden, just as a mole should be. Although we could feel guilty for invading our children’s privacy, guilt is a much better feeling than devastating regret over the harm a dangerous internet stalker or an unknown friend with drugs can cause.  These are mistakes that can damage your child for life. As the trite but right saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” anytime.

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