Track Text Messages on iPhones

There are many reasons why one would want to track iPhone text messages.

Sometimes parents need to monitor their child’s online activities – statistics have proven how online predators are now becoming more prevalent at this age and more kids are getting catfished or even kidnapped because they befriended a stranger online.

Sometimes it’s as simple as keeping track of an older family member’s well-being, or keeping a backup of your own text messages.


The good news is – tracking text messages on an iPhone way easier than sounds!

There are two types of text messages that someone can receive on an iPhone – regular text messages and texts on iMessage.

Texts on iMessage is available if the communication happens between two sides that both have iCloud accounts and when the user has internet connection or Wi-Fi available. It can also be synced on your iCloud account and be accessed from another Apple device – iPad, MacBook.

Regular text messages appear when one side of the conversation is a user that doesn’t use an iPhone or have an iCloud account connected to their phone, or simply when the text is going back and forth without internet access or Wi-Fi.


Can’t you just log in to iCloud and see the text messages then?

Track Text Messages on iPhonesUnfortunately, iCloud doesn’t allow you to view the text messages easily. You can go one of two ways.

The first is more manual. Using a backup extractor tool, you can download iCloud back-ups and find the text messages file to view them.

It’s a tedious process and not feasible if you need to monitor constantly.


The second — the easier and faster way — is to use a third party app or web app, such as KidGuard.

Track Text Messages on iPhonesKidGuard is an easy to use and secure web app to track text messages on iPhones. After you’ve created an account, all you have to do is add the device you are tracking by using the iCloud account.

When you’ve done that, click the button that syncs your dashboard. When the syncing is complete, click the “Messages” icon on the bottom bar of your dashboard and there you go. All the texts on that iPhone you are tracking will be right there in front of you.


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