How to Spy on Text Messages for Free

Spying on text messages can be a very difficult to do unless you have the person’s phone in your hand. If you are wondering what your child is up to, whether you are worried they are making friends with the wrong types of people, have a suspicion that he or she is doing things that they should not be doing, or are just a concerned parent in general, there are ways to spy on text messages for free without your child knowing.

Gaining access to your child’s phone is a lot easier than becoming a detective while they are sleeping and won’t notice, for example, but more often than not they will have their phone protected by a password. Most smartphone locking mechanisms will actually lock down completely after too many failed password attempts, so instead of viciously trying to break into their phone, try the methods that are listed within this article.

Use the Phone Company

Did you know that as the name listed on your child’s phone bill you can gain access to their call and texting records? This will only work if you are the name on the contract and are the one paying for their plan/service, however. If your child uses time cards you will also have to skip this method, too.

To get the records from the phone company all you have to do is call them up, prove that you are the account holder, request the call logs and text message records, and you’re good to go. All outgoing and incoming text messages and calls, even if they are deleted off of the phone, can be recovered through the phone company free of charge.



If you are only needing to monitor your child’s activity for a short period of time, you can do so by downloading the Hoverwatch app and signing up for the free trial. You will need to create an account, download and install the app from your holder account on the device, which you can mask by not having it as a widget on the home screen, and voila!

You will get all of the records from calling and text records, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and even their browser history and automatic GPS locations all sent straight to your account that can be viewed remotely.

Remember to cancel your account after the free trial, and possibly make a new one on a different email address if need be!



For the most recent records instantly, SMS-Peeper is pretty decent, and it’s great to spy on text messages for free. You don’t need to have any access to your child’s phone for this one, and all you have to do is select your country, enter the number you want to spy on, enter your email, and follow the next steps.

Once your account is created you will be able to see the 50 most recent incoming text messages and the 50 most recent outgoing messages.


Staying in the Know

No parent wants to be what’s known as a “helicopter parent”, circling your child and being in their business all the time, but sometimes it’s necessary and your suspicions do unfortunately get confirmed. Technology makes it easier for risks to reach our children, but in the case of knowing how to spy on text messages for free, you are now able to fight fire with fire as a parent and keep the worst from happening.


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