Text Messaging and Sleep Deprivation in Teens

There is growing concern among parents and health professionals that text messaging is contributing to sleep deprivation, with teenagers being the most at risk group of being sleep deprived. Mobile phone ownership amongst children has risen exponentially in the last decade, with around 80% of 12-17 year olds…

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Best Overall Text Message Spy Apps

Using a text message spy app to monitor your children’s phone activity is pretty simple these days. Once you find an app that suits your needs you then download, install and start monitoring activity straight from the dashboard. Below are some top picks for best overall text message…

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Best iPhone Text Message Spy Programs

Smartphones are an essential part of your child’s life and the ability to monitor information that is shared or received is a vital part of ensuring a safe online environment for your child. A reliable spy app can help ease concerns and protect your child from potentially harmful…

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How to Track A Text Message Location

Tracking the location of users has been a controversial topic of discussion in mobile platforms. After all, location-tracking tools can be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands. However, they can also be very useful in certain circumstances. When you are concerned for the well-being of your children, tracking…

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Best Text Message Spy Apps with Free Trial

Monitoring your children’s phone activity can be a simple process if you use the right app. Some apps have a free trial period so you can try them out before spending your money. Below are some top picks for best text message spy apps with free trials. 1.…

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Text Message Monitoring & Privacy

The issue of privacy is a growing concern to parents in the digital age. Many parents want to know how they can keep an eye on what their children are doing on their phones and other devices, whilst at the same time give them a degree of privacy…

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Track Text Messages on iPhones

There are many reasons why one would want to track iPhone text messages. Sometimes parents need to monitor their child’s online activities – statistics have proven how online predators are now becoming more prevalent at this age and more kids are getting catfished or even kidnapped because they…

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Talking To Your Child About Text Monitoring

Talking to your child about spying on their messages can be awkward. When you sit them down to talk about it, it’s likely that you will face some resistance. They will ask you ‘Why?’, they will say ‘You don’t trust me!’ and no doubt you will hear ‘But…

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5 Reasons To Spy On Kid’s Text Messages

Text messaging remains one of the most popular forms of communication for kids who own phones. A 2015 survey found that 88% of US teenagers aged 13 to 17 have access to a mobile phone of some kind and a majority of teens have smartphones (73%). This number…

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