How To Monitor Text Messages On An iPhone Without Jailbreaking

The Internet is a thickly planted forest, with many brambles and thickets kids can get caught in. There are many ways to help you help them see their way through without either of you getting all tangled up. Some require jailbreaking, others don’t.


What is jailbreaking?

If your kids are using an iPhone, tracking their use can get a bit sticky, as the Apple universe is just that—an Apple-approved universe; users can only download Apple-approved apps, unless you “jailbreak” your device, meaning opening it up to non-approved installations (aka side-loading). Jailbreaking is not for everyone, however, as it can require more complicated restarts or even resets of your device should something go awry. The security and privacy features of the device may also be compromised.

But relax, you have other options!

How can I monitor my child’s text messages without jailbreaking?

2 ways to view messages without jailbreaking:

You can view SMS (“text”) messages and basic information, like overall data usage directly on the phone unless it has been deleted.

A variety of third-party software is available that allow you to view some or all of what has transpired on a particular device. Some require a one-time payment, others a subscription. Remember to review any software package’s offerings carefully—some allow you to view much more activity than others. Companies’ commitment to customer service can also vary wildly!


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