How to Monitor My Child’s Text Messages Without Having the Phone

Monitoring children’s mobile activity, such as their text messages, has been much discussed in recent years. Online threats are soaring and instances of cyberbullying, online sexual predators, underage drug abuse and depression are all too common.

Even so, our world is becoming increasingly dependent on digital technology. You can’t keep children away from the Internet, even if you tried. As dangerous as it can be, it also provides tremendous opportunities for knowledge and growth.


What Can Parents Do?

As a parent, the first thing you should do is communicate with your children. Accept the fact that they will make mistakes. Establish trust with one another to ensure that if something ever happened,  you would be the first person they talk to.

Of course, you cannot always protect children. Younger children may require additional supervision and a phone contract when they receive their first phone.

Gaining Access To Their Phone Activities

Provided that you can easily access your child’s phone, monitoring will be extremely easy. If you trust that they will not hide anything from you, then you don’t even need any third party apps. This is where the establishment of trust will come in handy.

With that said, children will still try to hide things from their parents, even if they aren’t doing anything inappropriate or suspicious. They might just be uncomfortable with sharing with their parents.  

Deleting text messages and erasing browsing history is all too easy. Because of this, there will be instances where you will need to monitor their activities without actually having access to their phones.


Monitoring Without Having The Phone

Whether you can monitor your child’s phone remotely or not depends on a number of things. For instance, if they own an iPhone, you can monitor a few things through their iCloud account.

Installing third-party apps on iPhones will usually require jailbreaking the device. This process is irreversible, so take extra caution, especially if you are unfamiliar with it. Instead, you might want to consider installing a parental control suite and setting up some restrictions.

If they own an Android device, it may be a little easier.In many cases, Google will not allow an app to run in the background and collect information without an active notification. If so, then rooting the device would be necessary. Rooting a phone is similar to jailbreaking, and will require technical expertise.

There are many third-party apps that you can try. Most are paid, but it can handle everything for you. Some apps, like KidGuard, don’t even require jailbreaking or rooting!

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