How Do I See Who My Kids Are Texting?

There are many different ways to go about seeing who your kids are texting. The route that you choose will ultimately depend on how “sneaky” you want to be going about it. Possibly the easiest way to find out is to just ask your kid to see their phone, but most parents don’t want to be that obvious. If you need a more secretive approach, take your pick from the listed suggestions below.


  1. Look at Your Phone Bill

While this probably won’t allow you to see individual texts, it will usually give you an overview of the numbers your child has sent and received text messages from. Your phone bill likely also has a call log if you want to see whom they have been talking to. Most phone accounts also let you see the time that calls and text messages were placed.


  1. Physically Check

If you don’t want to ask your child, but want an easy way to see who they’ve been in contact with it is always an option to wait until they leave the room and take a peek at their phone. If you’re not careful and get yourself caught, you may have years of trust building ahead of you; however, if you’re desperate to know and need to do it quickly, this could be your best bet.


  1. KidGuard

KidGuard not only lets you see your kid’s texts, but also allows you to see calls, websites visited, and apps used. While it is a paid service, the capabilities of KidGuard go above and beyond many others. This is specifically true regarding seeing who your child has been chatting with via text; unlike other services, KidGuard allows you to go back in time and see messages your child has deleted.


  1. TxtWatcher

This is a paid service for Android devices that offers a variety of subscription levels. Once you sign-up and install their stealthy app, the service allows you to see all texts and will alert you if it detects inappropriate content. One really feature that makes TxtWatcher stand out among others is it’s ability to translate acronym slang such as “OMG” into words. With new acronyms being invented daily, this really comes in handy for fully understanding the content of text messages.

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