How Can I See Deleted Text Messages?

Since you are on this page, you are no doubt worried about what your child is doing, who they are texting, and what types of messages they are sending. You may have been told that once a text message has been deleted that it’s gone forever, but there are ways to get their deleted text messages and see what they’re up to.


Go Through the Phone Company

The easiest way to do this is to go through your phone company and get the records. This may not be the fastest way, but it requires little to no work on your part. Your child will not know that you have done this unless you bring up the text messages to them, otherwise it will be fully confidential and only you will know about them.

Your phone company can pull up their entire phone records, both text messages sent and received, as well as incoming and outgoing calls, and send you the records that you are trying to locate. From there, you will easily be able to see who your child has been conversing with, what was said to them, and what they have been texting their friends, significant other, etc.

However, you will be responsible for proving that you are the one who pays for this number, so if your child has their own phone set up under their name, then this method will not work.

Monitoring Software

There are more invasive services that will require you to download some sort of monitoring software to get deleted text messages on phones. Dr. Fone is a prime example of software in this category, which works by recovering data from smartphone devices.

Keep in mind, however, that recovery software can have certain glitches, and is not a sole reliable method or source for monitoring your child’s sent or received data, which in this case is their inbound and outbound text messages.

How Can I See Deleted Text Messages?Don’t lose hope, though, because there are plenty of monitoring software programs that can keep track of any received and sent messaged that can be stored and viewed within the program’s database and viewed on the dashboard. Through the better ones, you can keep track of not only text messages, but their browsing history, the data from call logs, and sometimes even phone calls themselves.

It will take some looking around on your part, however, because a lot of these monitoring software programs work specifically with certain smartphones. For example, some of them only work with Android devices, while others will only work for iPhones.

Some of these programs can even take deleted information from their browser history that your child tried to delete permanently, and can even track and take information that comes from a browser that was put into incognito mode, such as Google. Incognito mode keeps the data from browsing hidden more often than not, but a monitoring software capable of plucking the information you need are out there, so don’t give up.


Knowing What Your Child is Doing
We can’t stop our children from making the wrong choices all the time, but if you feel that your child is in danger or doing things that they are certainly not supposed to be doing, sometimes snooping around is the only option that we have to keep them safe.


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