10 Best Android Text Message Spy Programs

Are you worried that your child is being cyberbullied? Do you suspect they are sending or receiving inappropriate content on their Android device? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best programs out there to spy on your kid’s SMS messages. Whether you’re looking to monitor secretly or with your kid’s knowledge, the list below is bound to have just what you’ve been looking for!

  1. SMS Back Up +

While not intended for this particular use, SMS Back Up + is a free option for monitoring your child’s texts. The program works by backing up SMS messages by sending them to a Gmail account. Simply install the application on your kid’s phone and enter your Gmail address to have all their messages forwarded directly to you. Keep in mind that while this is a free program, your child is likely to know it is installed and can easily remove it from their device.

  1. Parental Board

This program allows for easy SMS monitoring and is one of the most affordable programs out there. It costs only $12 per year for Android devices. Once you install the app on your child’s phone, you can easily track SMS messages as well as limit screen time. As this is an app that you install on your child’s phone, they will might that you are spying.

  1. uKnowKids

This is a great program to use for those who are less tech-savvy, as they also provide workshops to help you get started. It’s also a great option if you have multiple children because the subscription covers up to eight kids for the price of one. uKnowKids will allow you to easily navigate through text messages as well as view those that have been deleted. A unique service provided is the option to enable a feature that lets you see and approve photos before they are sent as a message or posted to social media.

  1. MaxxSpy

This is another program that allows you to read text messages secretly. To begin monitoring, MaxxSpy requires you to install the hidden application on your child’s phone and log in. The program costs $29.99 per month, but you can get a discount by paying for multiple months at a time.

  1. Netsanity

While Netsanity only offers paid memberships, they are one of the few companies to offer a free trial without entering any credit card information. This is a great program to use if you want to keep a close eye on your child without being too obtrusive. While it doesn’t allow you to see specific SMS messages, Netsanity allows you to control what contacts your child can send and receive messages from as well as provides the ability to disable SMS messaging on their phone.

  1. Appmia

This program has been featured on CNN and BBC among many others. Appmia allows you to easily browse through SMS text messages, as well as view messages received from other apps such as Skype, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The price ranges from $8.32-$16.24 per month; an option also exists to purchase lifetime access for 1-2 devices.

  1. My Mobile Watchdog

The Mobile Watchdog application lets you see your child’s text messages and SMS once you install the program on their phone. It comes from a company that also provides a free service called KidSafe that is dedicated to ensuring child safety online. They educate parents on Internet safety and collaborate with law enforcement to provide free investigative services for families who have been affected by cyberbullying.

  1. SMS Tracker

While your kids will know you have installed SMS Tracker due to a notification logo that will appear on their phone, this is a legitimate free program to monitor text messages. To use the program, you must first install the app on your kid’s phone and complete the registration process. After registration is complete, you will be able to log in online and monitor SMS message activity.

  1. My Spy (mSpy)

My Spy is a program that allows you to read incoming and outgoing texts. You can operate it with or without your child knowing. For their standard subscription price, you must physically install the application on your kid’s phone. However, if you opt to pay a one-time $43.99 fee in addition to the subscription price, the company will install it for you remotely as well as walk you through the beginning processes of using it. It is important to note that My Spy requires rooting on Android devices, which could potentially void your warranty.

  1. Teen Safe

Teen Safe is another program that needs to be installed on your child’s phone to work properly; there is a noticeable banner that appears upon installation informing the phone user that the application is active. The company encourages honest and open communication between parents and their kids. After completing a 7-day free trial, Teen Safe charges $14.95 per month.


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