App Details:

  • Allows parents to monitor their child’s digital lives to prevent potentially dangerous situations.
  • Monitors texts, calls, web history and phone location on iPhone and Android phones. Can also view activity on Instagram, WhatsApp and Kik Messenger.
  • 7 day free trial.
  • Must be at least 18 years old and the legal guardian of the child. TeenSafe cannot be used on adults without their written consent


7 day free trial, then charged monthly fee of $14.95 until user cancels subscription. No long term service contracts and can be canceled at any time.

TeenSafe.com Review:

TeenSafe allows parents to access their children’s phone activity remotely in order to monitor and prevent potentially dangerous situations.

Available only on Apple and Android phones, you can view text messages, web history, calls and Instagram posts all in one place.

It’s a nice start, but with the lack of reliable functionality, app crashing and no Snapchat access, there’s more work to do before it has a chance to be the parental go-to app for monitoring children’s smartphones.


  • Helps parents discover potentially dangerous situations before they occur and aids in preventing cyberbullying.
  • View text messages, web history, calls and Instagram posts all in one place.
  • Monitor multiple children under onesubscription.
  • Fully supported by Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), no “jailbreaking” involved.
  • Website offers free Parenting Guide to Tech Safety and blog provides helpful articles from child care professionals.
  • Offers complete security. Only legal guardians can access their child’s data.


  • Recovering deleted texts feature may show duplicate texts, incorrect dates and missing information such as names and numbers.
  • Issues with smartphone configuration can cause some features to not work.
  • No access to Snapchat.
    Android app tends to crash.
  • Lack of access to photos and videos.
  • Parents can see comments and text, but no images.
  • App can be considered harmful to the child-parent relationship due to invasion of privacy, lack of trust, etc.
  • Does not work with Blackberry or Windows phones.


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KidGuard’s sole mission is to protect your children online. Our team spends every waking hour thinking about how to bring awareness and inspire solutions on issues of cyber bullying, online predators, teen suicide, and childhood depression in the age of technology. KidGuard employs a team of researchers and writers to educate parents on solutions to digital parenting problems and also runs a popular child cell phone monitoring software to allow parents to stay involved in their child’s life online.
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