Inc. Magazine: New Startup KidGuard, Attempts to Revolutionize Phone Monitoring for Kids

I interviewed a startup this past week that creates a new kind of value for parents. I signed up later that evening to take their platform for a spin.

By Shazir Mucklai

Online safety is a dilemma on every parent’s mind these days. You want your child to be safe from scams, predators, cyberbullies, and their own worst instincts. You also want them to be digital-ready. Internet skills are a requirement in the job market, as necessary as the ability to read. Denying your child internet access means less mastery of vital career knowledge owned by everyone he will compete with in his lifetime.

So how do you allow your children to participate in the online world and still ensure their safety?

One company may have the answer. KidGuard is an ambitious startup, backed by technology entrepreneur Lawrence Ng, with child safety and parent peace of mind as its primary goals. The service provides information and tools parents need to monitor their child’s online activities and track physical location. “Technology has made everyone more vulnerable and while we deploy billions towards technology to protect our customer data and trade secrets, we spend practically nothing towards technology to protect our kids.” says Ng. “We’re determined to not just treat the symptoms of this problem but to systemically cure it by giving parents a tool to preemptively protect their kids on the same platform that presents the most risk – their phones.”

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About Us

KidGuard’s sole mission is to protect your children online. Our team spends every waking hour thinking about how to bring awareness and inspire solutions on issues of cyber bullying, online predators, teen suicide, and childhood depression in the age of technology. KidGuard employs a team of researchers and writers to educate parents on solutions to digital parenting problems and also runs a popular child cell phone monitoring software to allow parents to stay involved in their child’s life online.

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