Can the KidGuard App Protect Against the Rising New Threat of Virtual Kidnapping?

In the unfortunate event that anything serious actually happens to your child, KidGuard has an emergency feature called Situation 360 where parents can activate a crisis report to be provided to authorities. This report compiles all the recent data gathered from your child’s mobile device—their call history, messages, search history—as well as a pattern of […]

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HuffPost: How To Stay Involved in Your Child’s Life

The idea of “stranger danger” has been drummed into children for decades – if not centuries – and by a certain age, every child knows not to simply get into a car with or accept a gift from someone they don’t know. In the last two decades, however, things have changed. While parents still need to […]

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Gene Yu, Recognized Expert in Kidnap and Rescue Services, Joins KidGuard’s New Advisory Board

KidGuard, which recently introduced new cell phone monitoring software that gives parents the ability to access their child’s digital interactions, has added Gene Yu to its Advisory Board. Yu, CEO and co-founder of BlackPanda, will help to expand KidGuard’s technology services, utilizing his expertise to protect children from kidnapping, aid in kidnap response and recovery […]

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KidGuard Mobile Monitoring Technology Awards $25,000 in Grants to Nonprofits with High Impact Programs that Protect Children’s Online Safety

  KidGuard today announced that 18 non-profit organizations have received $25,000 in grants. This new initiative, begun in 2016, supports organizations that align with KidGuard’s mission to protect children from digital threats and educate parents about online risks. LOS ANGELES, Calif. January 10 – KidGuard today announced that 18 non-profit organizations have received $25,000 in […]

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KidGuard Introduces Intuitive Cell Phone Monitoring Software: A Perfect Security Companion to Protect Children from Digital Threats

— Initiates KidGuard for Nonprofits Program– Los Angeles, Calif. November 6. KidGuard.com today announced the introduction of a new cell phone monitoring software developed for parents who want to track their children’s digital activities and keep them safe from online threats. The sole mission of the KidGuard team is to protect children online by bringing […]

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