Whether you’re an employer or a concerned parent, you might want to know what’s in an applicant’s or boyfriend’s history. There is a need for vital information to ensure the safety and security of your clients, employees, or even family. A background check is one of the best ways to dig up information to cross-check an application or stop a disguised predator before it’s too late.

A background check is a report that contains a person’s history, including credit reports, arrest records and more. Employers can even use it to objectively determine a candidate’s qualifications for certain positions.

What is a Background Check?

In reality, there are different kinds of background checks. We’re going to run through the major ones we think that would be of benefit [...]

Types of Background Checks

Background Search: When To Do One?

Doing a background search on anyone is very important business, but it’s important to know when it’s right to do one. If you are a parent who has an odd feeling over another parent, a family member, neighbor, teacher, or whatever the case may be, you may feel that a background search [ ...]

Look Up People Online: The Most Popular Search Tools

You may be an employer or a concerned parent seeking to screen those in your business or around your family. You may want the added convenience of looking people up online. Thus, we have listed some of the most popular tools to perform background checks or just lookup people online. [...]


How to do a Background Check on People for Free

Thinking of taking on a nanny for your toddler or hiring a personal assistant? A background check would be a wise precautionary measure before you entrust your life or your little one to a total stranger.

Just as we caution children not to talk to strangers, we definitely need to take any stranger’s word [


Investigate People Online and Avoid These Common Mistakes

  Looking Into the Wrong Person

  Seeing the Wrong Information

  Running With the First Check They Get


How To Look Up Someone After Recognizing Signs of Predatory Behavior towards your Child

When a child starts spending a lot of their time online, they become an easy target for online predators.

Instead of spending time in the neighborhood with their friends or hanging out with other children from school, kids who stay online tend to prefer communicating with online strangers via social networking websites, forums, instant messaging, and [...]

Look Up Anybody Who Uses this Internet Lingo with Your Child

AMA, PAW, KPC, bae…is this English? Yes, in all its phrasal acronymic glory, only comprehensible to those under the age of 25. It’s internet and SMS speak that has left most of us scratching our heads over what kids are talking about these days. And the vocab [ ...]

Are there Predators with No Criminal Record?

Child predators are a sad reality that most of us try to escape from, yet fail to. What we hear on the news is sadly true as the number of juvenile sex offenders is on a constant rise, and it is high time that we do something about it.

Child predators are everywhere, and it is important for you to be aware of the facts so that [


Teach Kids to Avoid People with Criminal Records and other Dangers Online

The internet is full of interesting things that everyone wants to spend time exploring. Children can enjoy playing games, connecting with friends and learning online. The internet opens up a big world for the little ones, and without proper care, one thing can lead to another and endanger [... ]


Whether you are a parent of a little infant or of a teenager, it goes without saying that parental care and concern are paramount to you. With the increasing rates of crimes against children, parents should be more proactive in their involvement to help their children stay clear of any unwanted attention and danger.

Through utilizing a background or criminal records search on the people involved in your child’s life, you can help protect them and in turn protect your family as a whole. Before deciding on performing a background search on an individual, the most important thing you should be able to do first is to identify potential threats to your child and your family.

If you feel that there are any threats present within your community, being able to perform a background or criminal records search will help you find out whether the person in question is, in fact, a threat to your family. There are instances where normal looking people are perpetrators, and as such, it may be difficult for you to identify a vulnerability in your family’s [...]

How Criminal Records Searches can Protect You and Your Family

Address History Lookup and Other Info Searched by Landlords

Thinking of renting some space? Expect to be background checked when applying for a rental. Renting a place nowadays is not a simple matter of having the dough on hand, an amiable personality, and some documents attesting to your creditworthiness. Because of easy access to digital information, landlords [ ...]


Advanced Background Checks and Your Career: Why Employers Check Applicants


  To Avoid Working with Terrorists

  To Avoid Negligent Hiring Related Lawsuits

Find Info on Anyone at Your New Job

Starting a new job is always stressful and challenging, and we want to make sure our coworkers make it easier for us, right? Before accepting a job, it can be very beneficial to at least delve a little bit into the company and the people you will be surrounding yourself with on a daily [... ]


Common Ways Fraudsters Find Personal Information

  E-Mail Scams

  Internet Pharmacies

  Fake charities




Child-Safety Alert: Predators Know How to Find Information About Someone

Cyber predators use the medium of the internet to victimize or take advantage of a child either sexually, emotionally, psychologically or financially. Cyber predators are really skilled at [...]


Search Personal Information and Review Credit History, Just in Case

An enormous amount has been charged to your credit cards, your checking account is empty and loans you don’t recognize begin to surface on your credit report. What happened? You’ve fallen prey to identity theft – an increasingly common but technically [... ]

The dangers of letting children surf the net capture headlines daily due to cyberbullying; however, there is another dark danger to children being online – child identity theft. In the past, thieves would have to depend on a lost social security card or a discarded credit card receipt to gain personal information. Identity theft is a huge problem for any victim, but one of the biggest concerns of identity theft is when it happens to a child.

Predators and thieves have been around since the beginning of time. As time and technology have progressed, the methods of preying on children have become even easier for perpetrators. The internet is a great resource for many [...]

How a Person Search by SSN on Your Child Can Uncover Fraud

Landlords Wanting to Find Someones' Background Before Renting to Them Is Something Tenants...


Are You Trying to Find Someone? How to Locate Old Friends

In old times, the internet was thought of something special, available only to defense researchers, scientists, wizards, and nerds. But, now it has become part and parcel of everyday life. People generally integrate it into the ways in which they communicate with each other, moving between phone, computer, and [ ...]

Before You Apply, Know What Shows up on Your Background Search

Ok, you just aced the job interview, and you’re looking forward to doing a background check before you officially land the job. Now you’re worried about that thing that happened in college. Or you are scared of a super-secret government database that stores inside information [ ...]


Definitive Guide to Background Checks & Interacting with Strangers



Landlord’s Wanting to Find Someones Background Before Leasing to Them Is Something Tenants Should Welcome

Moving pains just does not come from logistics planning, budget workarounds, and saying goodbye to life as you know it; but, the inevitable background checking that comes with a rental application may also prove to be another canker. It is quite logical to get  [ ...]



Definitive Guide to Background Checks & Interacting with Strangers

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