Who Can Help You Locate Missing Child

If your child goes missing, there is a plethora of resources, organizations, and contacts you can turn to in order to help locate them:


Child Find of America

Child Find of America, is an organization with the mission of ‘bringing kids home’ and ‘keeping them safe’. Child Find of America achieves this by setting you up with an intake coordinator once you get in contact with them. They will register your child, gather information, explain the process, guide you through next steps, answer questions, address concerns and assign you a case manager. Your case manager will then immediately begin investigating your case, working directly with you and coordinating efforts with both law enforcement and allied agencies. When appropriate, Child Find will disseminate posters through national media partners, the internet and social media to engage public assistance in the search for leads. Their case management team is also available to provide emotional support. They share resources and referrals to agencies that offer peer counseling and support, as well. 


The Office of Children’s Issues – Bureau of Consular Affairs

The Office of Children’s Issues in the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs is also available to report a child’s abduction. This office has access to consular databases and other systems that may provide additional resources in locating children outside the United States.  They can connect you further with both domestic and foreign partners to locate your missing child, and can serve as a liaison with INTERPOL and other law enforcement authorities you need to get in contact with. 


Local law enforcement

Your local law enforcement officials and/or sheriff’s offices should be able to assist you on a local level with locating missing children. Contact your individual local city, county, or state agency for further information regarding these options and their abilities in such cases.

U.S. Embassy or Consulate in another country

If you have an idea of the country where your child may be located, a consular officer from a U.S. Embassy or Consulate in that country, if differing from U.S., can work with government officials in trying to locate your child. If contacting these offices, try to have as much of the following information available for them to aid in the search: child’s full name; their date and place of birth; the full name (and any possible aliases) of the taking parent or abductor; the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of friends and relatives of the abductor; their place of employment; the abductor’s legal representative or business connections; and your child’s last known location.



The FBI may also be able to assist you in the search for your missing child. There are numerous field offices across the country that serve as the primary points of contact for those requesting FBI assistance in locating missing children. To request FBI assistance or learn more about their services, get into contact with the Crimes Against Children Coordinator at your local FBI Office.



Another resource is The International Police Organization (INTERPOL). They can assist in the location of your child by producing a Yellow Notice that will notify INTERPOL if and when your child passes through an international border that is connected to the INTERPOL system.  Additionally, INTERPOL Red Notices can be issued on the taking parent or abductor based on state or federal warrants. Get in contact with your  local police to contact INTERPOL for more information. 


The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) is an another organization that offers parents a wide array of resources and assistance, depending on where you live and what your situation is.  Please contact 1-800-The-Lost for more details and to report your missing child.

If it comes down to it, contacts for helping locate your missing child are numerous. Be sure to get in touch with as many organizations as possible if your child goes missing. Alerting relevant authorities and organizations can be crucial in locating your child. 

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