What Is Virtual Kidnapping

A growing crime that feeds off every parent’s worst nightmare Imagine you said goodbye to your child one morning and watched them go off to school before heading to your office. It’s the same routine you follow every day. But halfway through your morning the unthinkable happens – you get a call telling you your […]

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KidGuard GPS Tracker

A great way to track your kids’ whereabouts, no matter what their age   How can I keep my child safe whilst allowing them the freedom to go out and enjoy the world around them? This is a question occupying the minds of many parents. We want to be able to let our kids go […]

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Parent Checklist to Keep Kids Safe

For parents nothing is more scary than the thought of a child disappearing without a trace. Thankfully stranger kidnappings are rare. However, we still want to do all we can to avoid this horrific crime happening to us. Here are some things you can implement right now to keep your kids safe from abduction and […]

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3 Things Your Children Must Memorize

It’s really important for your child to know these three things so that they can get help in an emergency.   Phone Number Children must be able to call for help if they are in trouble. They should memorize their home phone number, as well as the emergency number. Even young children also need to […]

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How to Teach Kids About Kidnapping And Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger In this day and age, you would struggle to find any parent that has not taught their child about ‘stranger danger’. Ask any kid and they will tell you that they have been told ‘don’t talk to strangers’. Yet a recent social experiment that went viral on the Internet clearly demonstrated that this […]

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The Most Common Lures Used by Kidnappers

Children face the biggest danger from strangers if they are taken, or go willingly, to a new, unknown location. Kidnappers use numerous lures to get kids to voluntarily go with them. In order to keep kids safe, it is important for them to be aware of the most common lures. Talk to your child about […]

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