3 Things Your Children Must Memorize

It’s really important for your child to know these three things so that they can get help in an emergency.


Phone Number

Children must be able to call for help if they are in trouble. They should memorize their home phone number, as well as the emergency number. Even young children also need to know how to use a phone.

Show children your phones (cell and home phone, since they often look quite different) and let them practice making a call.

Help them to memorize their home phone number by pasting it in an obvious place, such as on the back of the door, next to their bed or on the refrigerator.

Younger children learn well through song, so try to set your address to a familiar tune. Try using your phone number as the password for the computer or WiFi – older children  will soon memorize these!



It’s really important for kids to know their own address in case they get lost or are in trouble away from home. They need to be able to ask for help from a safe adult.

Younger children learn well through song, so try to set your address to a familiar tune.

You could get your child to draw a map of your neighborhood with street names, house numbers and landmarks.

Another idea is to get your child to write a letter to themselves and send postcards home when you go on vacation.


Family Code Word

Come up with a Family Code Word that kids can use to signal danger, or if someone other than a parent needs to pick them up, or if there has been an emergency at home. Teach your kids never to go with someone unless that person knows the code word.

A good way to get kids to memorize the code word is to involve them when you decide what the word or phrase should be.

Don’t make the code word too obvious or easy for someone outside the family to guess (for example the name of your pet).

To help remember the code word, you could use it in a fun way inside the family, for example when you want someone to immediately stop doing what they’re doing – if the tickling gets too much, use the code word!


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