Pet Safety During the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and everybody is excited about celebrating the festivities in his or her own way. This is especially true if you are a pet owner who loves spending time with your furry companion and are thinking about including it in your festivities.

There is no harm in doing so unless you need to keep your pet’s routine the same as even the slightest change in exercise or eating habits may lead to some major health concerns. Plus, it is important that you closely monitor decoration stuff that is placed in and around your house. An unhealthy treat, dangerous decoration item, or toxic plant may spoil your celebration. With that in mind, given below are some safety tips that you can use to keep your pet safe and sound.

Be Careful When Decorating Seasonal Plants

Christmas Tree

There is no denying that Christmas decorations are incomplete without a glittery and embellished Christmas tree. However, the bigger the tree is, the greater the risk it poses. Always secure your tree firmly so that it will not trip over or fall on anyone, including your pet.

Not only can it cause injury or bruises to your pet, but also the tree water may be dangerous for your pet’s health. Tree water contains fertilizers that are detrimental to the stomach. The stagnant water may have bacteria and your pet might end up developing diarrhea or nausea.

Tinsel-less Town

This is one of the favorite pet toys, especially if you own a cat. The sparkling catchy tinsel is easy-to-carry around in the mouth. However, the toy comes with a nibble that can easily be swallowed and lead to obstructed esophagus, dehydration, and severe vomiting.

That is why we advise you to avoid tinsels when decorating your house. Using boughs to brighten up the decorations is a good idea.

 Avoid Holly and Mistletoe

Mistletoe, when ingested, may cause your pet to suffer vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea.  To make matters worse, it could lead to many serious health outcomes like gastrointestinal disorders and cardiovascular problems.

Other varieties of hollies may cause kidney failure, especially if your pet is young.  Choosing a pet-safe bouquet with artificial plants is the right solution to this problem.

 Wired Up

Keep batteries, wires, plastic ornaments and glasses out of your pets’ reach. Unfortunately, if they tangle around your pet, they may give a lethal electric shock. A punctured battery can burn your pet’s mouth while breakable ornaments will damage their digestive tract.

Safety Tips from Food Dangers

Skip Excessive Treats and Sweets

Holiday is a season of festivities and you love feeding your pet sweets and chocolates. But you probably do not know to what extent an excited pet can go to chomp yummy sweets. That means it is important to keep your pet away from the food table or unattended plates. Make sure you cover garbage cans with a lid.

Place Cocktails safely

If your holiday parties include alcoholic beverages and cocktails, you must be vigilant about where you keep or place them. This is because if your pet somehow ingests alcohol, it can become ill, weak and can even lose consciousness for a long time. It may also lead to respiratory failure.

Avoid Feeding Leftovers

Non-human food, bones, spicy and fatty things are harmful to your furry friend.  There are many ways you can include your pets in festivities that will not cost you medical bills.

Select Special Treats

If you are looking for something that can keep your pet engaged yet is indestructible, then kongs are ideal. You can stuff them with healthy food to let your pet chew it for a long time. They are specially designed for pets and are also digestible.

Make a Pet-Safe Holiday Plan

Put your Medicines Away

Make sure that you have locked your medicines in the drawers or closets and ask your guest to do the same.

Give Your Pet a Personal Space

Not all pets are of the same nature. Some shy felines and pups want their personal space to snuggle, especially during gatherings. Try to have a separate room for your pet to let them feel relaxed and safe from the crowds and hubbub.

How to Travel with Pet for Holiday

Holidays are not only about celebrating at home. Here we have added a few more tips if you are planning a holiday trip and traveling with your pet.

  • Make sure your pet has a registered identity and vaccinated before you travel
  • Book a pet sitter at least four weeks prior to your travel date
  • Book a pet-friendly hotel that has no breed or size restrictions
  • Check airline rules if you are traveling with your pet. Every airline employs different policies for pet travel. Choose one that suits your pet’s size and personality traits.
  • Buckle up your pet if you are driving with your pet to ensure its safety

Pet Care Tips if You are on Vacations

Leaving your pet at home while going on vacations is understandably difficult. You can neither relax nor enjoy your holidays. However, with these tips, you can ease your mind and come back to your happy pet.

  • Always keep the ID tags of your pet updated with your correct contact information.
  • Make sure to activate a virtual leash that contains your dog’s complete profile. In case you lose your phone, anyone who finds out your dog may contact you via text message, twitter, or voicemail.
  • Hire a person to take care of your pet while you are traveling. Make a detailed instruction plan for him or her covering meals, treats, and grooming sessions.
  • Keep your old stuffed T-shirt around your pet’s crate to comfort her with your scent. Leave a kong or treat-dispensing toy to keep them engaged in your absence.

The Bottom Line

To a small extent, pets are no less than your companions or children. They require the same amount of care and attention you give to your loved ones. The aforementioned safety tips will help you protect your furry friend from any unexpected and unwanted situations.

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