Using Cameras and Surveillance Hardware to Spy

Monitoring someone who knows they’re being watched rarely provides evidence that you can trust them. Now, technology is making it increasingly possible to set up cameras in your own home or office, so you can spy on people like a secret agent. But what exactly is so special about this technology, and is it safe to use?

What’s New About the Technology

Security cameras have been used for a long time. If you go to your local bank, or even most stores, you’ll usually find at least one or two security cameras covering important locations such as the checkout counter. Most of these cameras are large and easily noticeable – and for good reason, as these cameras are meant to deter crime. The thinking goes that would-be criminals are deterred by cameras, but studies conducted in cities such as Baltimore, Chicago and Los Angeles have increasingly shown that this is not the case. Furthermore, in many cases, security cameras do not save recordings beyond a few weeks, or footage is not stored in a digital format.

More advanced security cameras are meant to actually record an event for later viewing. These cameras are less noticeable and are also capable of recording in special situations, such as low light environments. These cameras have typically been more expensive and out of the reach for ordinary consumers, instead being limited to banks or government facilities. One rare type of camera is the micro or hidden camera. In the past, only the government or very wealthy corporations could afford these devices – usually for the purposes of covertly spying on someone or surveilling a location.

That all began to change a few years ago, however. Advances in miniaturization and digitization have allowed micro cameras to become much cheaper and more available, such as the cameras included in any smart phone. For families interested in acquiring a micro camera for home safety, this is now an option.

Our Recommendation: the KidGuard StealthCam

The KidGuard StealthCam is one of the most advanced models of covert camera on the market today. The camera is designed to look like a phone charger, but it contains a small HD camera. The largest use of the StealthCam is protecting from home invasions. The cameras are WiFi-enabled, so you can watch a live feed from each location in your home, workplace or wherever have placed them. Many people often worry if their house is safe while on a long vacation, and technology such as the StealthCam eliminates that worry as you can keep a watchful eye on your home while you are gone. Cameras also equipped with motion detection alarms, so your phone will automatically alert you if there is unusual activity in your home. It can be also be used to monitor the activity of a pet, and the camera is always rolling so that you can watch live or go back and watch footage captured earlier.

Technology like the StealthCam or other spy hardware technology can also be used to monitor the offline activity and track the location of your children without them knowing, all without installing any kind of software on your phone or computer. Used in conjunction with the KidGuard phone monitoring services, which allow parents to read the text messages on their kids’ phones or track the GPS location of their children at all times, the StealthCam can be used to monitor both children’s online and offline activity. This technology is equipped with audio surveillance as well, so it can be used to make sure your children are not speaking with people that you would like them to avoid.

Do you ever wonder if your spouse or significant other is doing things behind your back, such as seeing other people while you are at work or on vacation? Spy surveillance cameras can also be used to monitor the activity of a suspected cheater as well. You can monitor live on your phone, and you will be able to see if someone else enters your home or hear if your significant other is talking with a secret lover on the phone.

Spy surveillance technology has many uses, and it is very easy to set up, use, and access on your phone. With the option to watch live or later, as well as a built in motion sensor alarm, this technology allows the user to do a variety of things catered to their needs. Spy hardware technology is continuing to evolve, and cameras will continue to become even more covert, and the technology will become cheaper and more accessible to people in the market. Using technology such as this in conjunction with Kid Guard can give parents a more reliable system to use to monitor the behavior and actions of their children.

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