Track Any iPhone Without Your Kid Knowing

Ever wonder if your kid is going where they say they are? It’s a tale as old as time – Jane says she’s going to Molly’s house, and Molly says she’s going to Jane’s house. Most of the time, parents are too busy to check on where their kids really are by calling the hosts and instead simply check in by calling kids directly.

But what if you want to be a bit more certain? There’s plenty of reasons to keep tabs on your children and luckily enough, in the age of ubiquitous GPS trackers this has never been easier. A few reasons might be as follow:


Kids aren’t always the most upfront about where they’re going and what they’re up to. Especially in the teenage years – which are likely to coincide with greater usage of text messaging and social media – kids are beginning to experiment with independence in a way which may lead them to think parents are best left “out of the loop.” Intense mood swings may also make the problem worse, as kids may strike out on their own when they feel upset and purposely not tell their parents.

One way to balance the wish for teenager’s independence with your own need to maintain their safety is to use anonymous tracking – we’ll address the how-to below – but this method ensures you can rest safely without having any awkward conservations about infringing upon their freedom.

Moreover, keeping track of your children can be essential if you think there are any threats near your house. In the event of a kidnapping or sudden disappearance, knowing your child’s last location can be a critical factor towards eventually locating them. Even better, if your child keeps their phone on during a disappearance you can easily find them.


Kids are often involved in a number of after school activities, including academic tutoring, sports practice, or any kind of mandatory activities. Since kids are usually active in such pursuits well before they are of legal driving age, it falls on parents to be the chauffeurs. You have to wonder: where are you picking up your kids? Are they ready for pickup yet? Is there a change in plans? Added to this challenge is the problem that kids are not always able to pick up their phones when called or texted. Communication can quickly become difficult.

One way around this is to use a service that allows you to keep track of where your kids are at once. KidGuard offers a seamless solution, in which you can keep a constant eye on the location of your children wherever they are.


If you have multiple kids, there are certain days you might feel like an air-traffic controller, balancing multiple schedules and needs throughout the week. “Who’s where” becomes a difficult task especially as parents need to meet kids’ constantly changing needs. Coupled with the safety issue above, the authors have had the most success using a single system which continually checks all GPS locations at once.

How to Monitor iPhones

Apple has designed the iPhone to be an extremely secure system, in which not all apps are accepted onto the app store, and the ones that are usually cannot access each other’s data. This makes it very difficult to use an app that will keep an eye on your children without them knowing. In fact, if a website offers this ability by downloading an app, it’s probably a lie!

However, there is another way: using an Apple ID account which is associated with a phone. Since Apple passes almost every piece of data used by the iPhone through the Apple ID, by accessing your child’s iCloud you can also share in their daily activities. This includes text message data, which runs through Apple’s iMessage system, as well as photos, GPS location and much more. Thus, if you want to get text messages from another phone sent to yours, all you need is that person’s iCloud login information. In fact, this is the method used by the KidGuard app!

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