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block apps on iphone

As parents, we’re all worried about the activities that our children engage in online. A lot of content might expose them to ideas or thoughts that are simply inappropriate. The internet also carries a number of other risks, such as interaction with mal-intentioned strangers.

Unfortunately, many of our popular applications and social networking services amplify the risk of kids stumbling upon graphic or mature online content or bad things happening to our kids.

To help you stay in control over what your kids are doing and to minimize their exposure to those bad apples lurking around the net, we have provided a short set of instructions on how to block apps and functions of the internet’s major services like AppStore and Facebook.

Although some of these major services have parental controls available directly from their mobile apps, the world of technology keeps working for parents to make matters of safety much simpler. Thus, iPhone allows you to control every app through its restrictions menu, whereas Android achieves the same level of simplicity, but through an entirely separate app. Both work out quite nicely.

If you use an iPhone, you can access all of the controls from the iPhone Restrictions. If you use an android, you can access such parental controls through a Google application called Family Link. Here are the instructions on how to access and add a password to your child’s restrictions.

iPhone Restrictions

iPhone restrictions are apple’s native parental control system. To access it, proceed with the following instructions:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. General
  3. Restrictions
  4. Turn on Restrictions
  5. Add Restrictions Password

How to Block Apps on iPhone

So you’ve accessed the restrictions settings for your child’s iPhone. Now you want to stop your child from, say, sharing photos on their phone’s Facebook App. Scroll down to the “Privacy” section.


What is commonly used for extortion by online predators are pictures. Knowing that you’d like to limit your child’s exposure to such dangers, it might be necessary to limit their sharing capabilities. However, if you’d only like to limit their sharing to just the Facebook or Messenger apps, use the following restriction settings:

  1. Select “Photos”
  2. Find “Facebook” or “Messenger” and click on the switch

This will prevent these applications from accessing the photos on your child’s phone.


If you want to stop your children from using the “Share Live Location” on facebook messenger, do the following:

  1. Select “Location Services”
  2. Scroll down till you see “Facebook” or “Messenger”
  3. Click on the app of interest and click “Never”
Third-Party Apps

Another way that a child’s information could surface on the internet is by meeting strangers over gaming apps and third-party apps for Facebook. It’s possible to restrict third-party applications from accessing their profile on Facebook. In order to do this follow the instructions:

  1. Under the “Privacy” section find and tap on Facebook
  2. Check “Don’t Allow Changes
  3. Scroll down and Tap the switch aligned with the Facebook icon

Parental Controls for Twitter, Line, Whatsapp, etc on the iPhone

The above instructions can be followed for almost any iPhone application, be it Twitter, WhatsApp, or even Youtube.

Android Permissions

Unlike the iPhone, all restrictions that parents wish to place on their children’s Android phone must be done through an application called Family Link. Just like the iPhone, you can control what your child does for specific apps through the Family Link settings. However, the benefit is that using that app, you can do it remotely.

If you want to manage permissions only for Facebook, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the app “Family Link”
  2. Select your child’s account
  3. On the “Apps” section, tap “More”
  4. On the “Allowed” list, choose “Facebook”
  5. Tap “App Permissions”
  6. Turn the switch off

These instructions can be used for all applications installed on your child’s Android Phone. Using the Family Link you can manage your child’s Android phone activity without having ever having to see the device.

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