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What is KidGuard?

KidGuard is an online service that enables parents to have access to their child's phone location. In addition, parents are able to monitor their child's online interactions. These services equip any parent with the right tools to prevent unfortunate events from happening to the people they care about the most.


We are experts at Fundraising! Your Success is Our Success.


The most successful fundraisers are well planned. Here are a few tips:

1.     Set your main objective.
a) What is your fundraising goal?
b) What amount do you need to accomplish this goal?

2.     Set individual goals for your team.
a) Based on the total amount of money you need, set a per-person goal. Each person selling needs to sell their fair share to support the group and the main objective.
b) A reasonable goal for free trials of our software is twenty-five free trial signups per person.

For example: 25 (free trial signups) x $5 = $125 per person
$125 x 20 team members = $2500

1.     Manage the team.
a) Establish a two-week time frame for your fundraising event.
b) Set a mid-point check-in date.
c) Remind your team members why they are helping and to contribute their fair share.

For example: Start: November 1st
End: November 15th
Mid-Point Check-In: November 8th

You should keep track of how much you've raised to assess the performance of your group and its team members.

1.     Sell with Confidence.
a) Develop a target list of customers to sell to. Each team member should list fifteen names of friends and family he or she can reach out to. The name, phone and email for each should be listed.
b) Schedule a time to make a call to each person on the target list. Calling as a group activity promotes healthy competition between team members and is a good way to kick off your fundraising in a positive way in as little as just one hour.


Hi, I'm ___ and I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm raising money for ______. We're helping families protect their children with the KidGuard online child monitoring software. I can offer you a totally free trial! Are you interested? I can send you an email with a special link to start your free trial and help us raise money!

If you have any questions or need any support anytime, feel free to email us at fundraising@kidguard.com or call us at (888)555-1212.

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-The KidGuard Team


We help nonprofits, schools, sports teams, and other organizations raise money for any good cause! By helping families protect their children with our online child monitoring software, we'll help you raise $10 for every user that continues their KidGuard membership after their free trial!

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