What is Telephone Surveillance?

Traditionally referred to as wiretapping, telephone surveillance is becoming increasingly popular in the home as well as business settings. While some may regard it as snooping, others value the opportunity to take a proactive approach to safety and security. New technology has made it easy for anyone to monitor phone conversations from a landline.

While intelligence agencies routinely have to seek approval to tap a phone, you can decide if you want to tap your own phone. The act of tapping a home phone is not illegal. However, most states require at least one party to a telephone conversation to be aware they are being recorded.

Some states require all parties to be aware of recorded surveillance. Check what the law requires for your location before using any form of wiretapping or phone surveillance.

Should You Listen in on Telephone Calls?

If you are being stalked, bullied or fear for the safety of a family member, telephone surveillance is an excellent way to record significant evidence. In fact, what law enforcement agency is going to complain if you have caught an offender in the act? Parents, in particular, find call monitoring especially useful to protect vulnerable children from predators and bullies.

Businesses use telephone surveillance for performance monitoring. However, the single biggest reason for telephone surveillance in the home is to detect infidelity. A recent study carried out by the National Opinion Research Center found American wives are almost 40-percent more likely to be unfaithful today than they were in 1990. What’s going on in your home while you are at work?According to The Truth About Deception, an online platform dedicated to relationships, infidelity is on the rise among young couples in the US. So the traditional stereotype of middle-aged men being the cheaters couldn’t be further from the truth.

What can you learn from wiretapping a telephone?

Landlines are still widely used in the home and office – and for wrongdoing. Using telephone surveillance equipment can, of course, record conversations. That means, it can tell you what is said during a call.

Surveillance can also record other valuable information. For example, you can find out how long a call lasted. It will not routinely tell you who the second party was or their location. And, depending on the surveillance method, it may not tell you the exact time of the call.

If you think your spouse is cheating, telephone surveillance will reveal if your suspicions are correct. You can find out if your child is being groomed or bullied, and you can even record nuisance callers or anyone using the telephone to threaten or harass you.

How to Wiretap a Phone

While crude voice-activated tape recorders are still used, more people are using ADSL filters with built-in recorders and digital ‘bugs’ or cameras to spy on loved ones in the home.

Bugs are becoming more popular because they don’t have to be on the phone or connected to any part of the phone system – getting around some wiretapping laws. They can be placed anywhere on the property and, because they are so small, they are unlikely to be discovered.

Standard home security software can be used for telephone surveillance. Voice recordings are possible with hidden cameras, and they can be accessed remotely.

You can set triggers for recordings to be made and you can even listen to conversations while they are taking place. This type of software can be used anywhere – from the office, during your commute and also while you are on vacation. Find out what is going on in your home via your mobile phone or PC. It’s easy.

Can you think how telephone surveillance could help you?

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