What is Computer Surveillance?

Computer surveillance refers to monitoring computer activities at home or workplace. Meaning, it’s keeping an eye on all the activities and tasks that are being done on any computer you chose.

Computer surveillance can be done in a number of ways. Some of the common methods that companies adopt are network surveillance, webcam surveillance, IP surveillance, hard drive surveillance and surveillance via software.

The purpose of carrying out computer surveillance at work or at home is to keep an eye on what other family members, usually kids or at risk adults, or employees are up to on their computers.

According to New York technology research firm 451 Research, the computer monitoring industry’s worth is around $200 million and is expected to rise to $500 million in the next four years.

Why Should You Do Computer Surveillance?

The most common reason to do computer surveillance is to keep track of employees working at a firm, watch what your kids are doing at home on their computers or to watch over a person or group, typically suspects partaking in illegal activities.

Protecting your Business with Employee Surveillance:

In the U.S alone, around 77% of companies carry out computer surveillance on their employees. This is to know what employees are up to, and if they are putting in their 100% at work.

In fact, according to reports, 64% of workers are found spending time on the internet doing things other than their actual work. This can result in low productivity and can cause profit loss for the company. With surveillance, companies can know what employees are up to and they have evidence when confronting an employee about their activities.

There was a time when there weren’t many resources to keep an eye on people who spent time on computers. But thanks to the advances in the internet and technology, computer surveillance is now easier than ever.

In addition to this, it can also be used to catch unethical activities and reduce employee theft.

A report by IDC (International Data Corp) says that 21% to 31% employees were found guilty of leaking sensitive company information via emails. Employees have access to confidential information that they can share with others, but with employee surveillance, this can be prevented before it becomes a problem.

However, not all breaches are planned. An employee may become the reason for a breach of security if he/she visits risky sites. As per reports, 48% of the largest security hacks on companies were pulled because of employee’s computer/internet usage.

This is not the only risk. According to the same report, 61% employees were found to be shopping online during their work hours. This means the time they are getting paid for is used elsewhere, which impacts the company’s bottom line.

Computer surveilling at workplaces is a must in today’s era as it helps to keep the employees on track and prevent sensitive information from leaking out.

Watching Over Kids At Home with Computer and Internet Surveillance Software:

The computer was invented to simplify complex tasks, however it’s evolved to become a device that enables learning, making money, keeping in contact with loved ones and having some fun too.

A lot of parents prefer providing their kids with computers so that they could learn and know more about the world. However, this has its dangers. Kids today are found playing video games and getting involved in inappropriate activities that not only affect their studies but their mental health too. Computer surveillance programs and Internet surveillance software helps in this regard.

There are tools and software that send you an alert if the explicit content is accessed on a computer. This will let you know if your child is on the wrong path.

Similarly, if your child is playing video games behind your back, even during study hours then computer surveillance is the way to keep a log of everything that is being done on your child’s computer. You can also use chat surveillance software to see what your children are doing or talking about in chat rooms.

Other than this, it can be used to spy on a spouse as well. In fact, many people use it when they have doubts about their partners. However, the question remains if such spying is ethical or not.

Know The Data Being Stored On A System:

Whether it’s an employee or a family member at home, sometimes knowing what they are up to while spending so many hours on a computer can give you an insight of what they’re doing with their time.

If there are no eyes on an employee then it gives them the courage to leak information, participate in illegal activities, and perform fraud.

You can stop this by knowing what are they working on. In case of employees, you can monitor the projects they are working on. This is done by conducting hard drive surveillance by using any number of software programs.

Other than this, authorities also keep an eye on computers they have doubt on, such as a group’s computer that is believed to be involved in illegal activities. Several groups have been busted with the help of computer surveillance.

Note: Many states require that you let others know if you install any spying software on computers, so make sure to meet these requirements.


Computer surveillance is a growing industry and because computer distractions are increasing day by day thanks to the internet, there is an utmost need of surveilling computer activities today.

It helps to keep things under control and minimizing damage.

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