Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Digital Video Recording Device

There are a ton of different software programs and devices that turn your cell phone into a video surveillance device. By using specific apps and software, you can use an old cell phone, or a new one, to set up some video surveillance and turn it into a video recording device.

IP Webcam

IP Webcam is available for all Android devices. This one can be a bit technical, but once you get going with it you’ll have no problem working it. You can use it locally or over the cloud. It works together with Ivideon to give you a live stream that can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

You can choose power management setting, sound and/or motion detecting, video preferences, and much more. All of these options will work in your favor to make sure you’re getting the footage you’re going for without any issues.


Manything is a popular video surveillance app that is currently only available in the App Store for iOS devices. You have the option with Manything to set up alerts for motion detection, choose between stills-only or video modes, and integrate it with IFTTT for multiple ways to further configure your security camera.

In short, this means you’ll have a ton of extra options when you have Manything working with IFTTT software, so the sky is literally the limit.

You also have the option to view a live stream of what it’s recording instead of waiting and viewing the footage at a later time if you sign into your account at manything.com.


WardenCam is currently only available for both Android and Apple devices, making it a mobile phone surveillance software. You can use it with your regular Google account, which is beneficial for those who’d rather not have multiple accounts for everything.

It has plenty of useful features, such as motion detection, and works with Google Dropbox and Google Drive so you don’t have to fiddle with where everything goes and make it complicated.What’s great about this is one is that you’re able to use multiple devices. For example, you can have one set up for your front door area and another near your back door for double the surveillance.

It works with all WiFi and cellular networks and gives you the option to speak and listen to the viewer console for your camera, or cameras if you have more than one going.


Alfred is a video monitoring app that works with a cell phone, turning it into mobile surveillance equipment. It pairs with your Google account and has a setup process that takes less than a minute.

Alfred offers motion detection alerts that are sent straight to your cell phone, with a video of what set off the sensor, allowing you to see what it was. You can mess around with the sensitivity if necessary in the application settings.

You also speak directly to whoever is in your home at the time through the app using the cell phone’s microphone. The best thing about Alfred, however, is that it’s a universal app. This means that you can use it with just about any smartphone or smart device.

Alfred even offers night vision viewing and a flashlight for rooms that are in the dark with no lights on, so you’ll still be able to see what’s going on. You can even turn the flashlight on or off remotely from the cell phone you are using.

Cell Phone Video Surveillance Made Easy

Because there are now apps that turn your old cell phone into a home surveillance system, it’s become so much easier to have 24/7 surveillance without breaking the bank.

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