There’s No Need to Jailbreak iPhones

If the cell phone you want to monitor is an iPhone, most downloadable surveillance software can prove tricky. You’ll have to side-load it onto the phone because jailbreaking is the only way to get around the deliberate limitations of Apple’s operating system. Designed to work with Apple-only software, the iPhone has to be subjected to jailbreaking to get anything that isn’t Apple approved on it. While it is possible, you may find yourself having to go through complicated processes. You may even have to reset the phone and restart it more than once.

Ultimately, jailbreaking can compromise a phone, and leave you feeling very frustrated.

However, there is an alternative. Did you know, you can snoop on an iPhone without having to resort to jailbreaking? If you don’t want to risk using iPhone jailbreak software, or don’t feel confident about it, there’s phone tracking software for PC.

Use Your PC for Cell Phone Hacking Software

There’s no need to jailbreak an iPhone if you use software such as PhoneSheriff Investigator. For a one-off fee, this program can be download to your Windows desktop. You won’t have to download anything on the phone. The software allows you to view device activity via an iCloud account. All you’ve got to supply is the Apple ID and password for the software to work.

This type of software is also available from iKeyMonitor, Spyzie, The One Spy, mSpy and many others. Using them, allows you to start phone surveillance almost instantly. Of course, they also make surveillance a lot easier, monitoring a cell phone on your PC reduces the risks of you blowing your cover.

iPhone jailbreak software just isn’t necessary when there is cell phone hacking software that can do the job without throwing up issues.

Free iPhone Surveillance with No Jailbreaking

If you want to try hacking an iPhone for free, there are plenty of software providers who offer free apps or free trials. MobiPast, for example, offers two versions of its application – a basic version for free and the full version for a price. However, it does require jailbreaking.

Like most things, you get what you pay for. While you will find plenty of free apps to hack iPhones, very few will provide advanced features.

If you search for free iPhone hacking software, you will probably find a lot of ‘free’ offers that are little more than trials of paid apps. And most of those, with only a few exceptions, will require jailbreaking.

Reasons to Use PC Software for iPhone Surveillance

If you are a parent, you will know how much iPhones cost. If you damage an iPhone while jailbreaking it, you will automatically invalidate its warranty. That’s a costly mistake that would cause not only financial loss but also some tantrums and tears. If you think you’ve managed to jailbreak without causing any damage, you would be wrong.

Once you break through Apple’s layer of protection by installing your own software on an iPhone, the device is exposed to potential threats. These dangers can include malware and poorly developed apps. What’s more, if the user chooses to update the phone after it has been jailbroken, it will remove it. Fixing it with a new jailbreak is probably not going to be an immediate option. Why? Because, new jailbreak options can take months to follow iOS upgrades, making them an unreliable option.

Other disadvantages of jailbreaking include a shortened battery life and app compatibility issues. iPhones that have been jailbroken, also tend to crash frequently.

Cell phone surveillance software is a great way to keep those you love safe, and yourself informed. Consider free and paid software that can be downloaded onto Android phones and PC software to access data from iPhones – unless you are comfortable with the potential consequences of jailbreaking. With options to suit all budgets and none, there’s bound to be software suitable for your cell phone surveillance needs.

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