Surveillance & You: Why It’s Something You Should Try

There are many reasons to engage in surveillance.  We usually think in terms of others surveilling us, but if we really think about, we do surveillance all the time.  It might take the form of keeping an eye on mischievous children, responding to noises outside the home in the middle of the night or going through the pockets of teen’s clothes left in laundry to see where they might have been and what they might have done the previous night.  But here are some other reasons to be engaged in your own surveillance activities:

1. Got something valuable to protect?  Don’t just lock it up.  Actively pursue those who might be pursuing you!

Valuables are often stored away in vaults, safes or safe rooms.  Today’s technology paves the way for active surveillance of these places.  Security cameras, discreetly placed, can operate through the home or business’ wide area network.  Companies like Ring.com have come to the forefront to give the average person tools only available to the rich and powerful just a few years ago.  It is now possible to monitor things of value with just a look at your smartphone.

Your baby monitoring or store security needs can be done with video surveillance, with storage in the cloud for direct viewing as needed.

2. Are your kids being bullied online or through social media?

Today’s kids live in a digital world where they expect assumed privacy from their parents, who oftentimes don’t understand this brave new world and who don’t ask the right types of questions about their children’s friends and activities.  When bullying occurs online, child victims often become prisoners of their own world because adults are presumed to not understand their situation.

Prevention of cyberbullying can occur when responsible adults are engaged in the lives of their children.  Mature adults can bring necessary resources to bear in protecting vulnerable children as well as seeking justice against online predators.

3. Review electronic communications frequently and educate about the appropriate use of email and social media by the young.

Is there ever a good reason to track the travels of your family members?

Privacy rules are in place to protect the rights of the individual.  However, there may be legitimate reasons to track the spouse if they are likely to do something illegal and dangerous.  Certainly, our kids need a watchful eye to keep them out of danger.A new company called Tile.com produces small geo-positioning squares that can be tracked using a smartphone.  These small squares can be discreetly placed in pockets, purses, wallets, and bags and tracked.  This gives the one doing the surveillance valuable information to make good protection decisions.

4. Perfect for discovering where the spouse is who comes home late almost every night.

Provides great tracking for keeping children safe.  In order to keep the children safe, parents need good information and tiles from Tile.com can offer them such help.

5. See something? Say something.

This isn’t just a cute catchphrase.  With so much mayhem being portrayed in the news, we can do our part by reporting suspicious behavior and it can be a blessing to your neighborhood as well.

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