How Surveillance Can Make Your Home and Neighborhood Safer

Surveillance is a common topic among many Americans today. Whether they are being monitored at their local grocery store, in their parking garage at work, elevators up to their office, just about anywhere you look you find a camera looking back. This new fascination with surveillance has even found itself inside American homes and neighborhoods, and with the competitive market homeowners and renters alike are finding home surveillance systems cheap to buy and easy to install.

The days of having windows open and doors unlocked are quickly becoming something Americans nostalgically recall from a simpler time. Today finds cameras posted inside and outside of the family home. Surveillance can be a camera monitoring a young child’s room from the eye of an adorable teddy bear, a doorbell which doubles as a camera, or small outdoor cameras posted inside of a garden gnome. Cameras can be placed practically anywhere today to observe and record suspicious or law-breaking activity in and around the family home.

Camera Signs Deter Crime

In many cases, these camera systems are quickly pointed out through a neighborhood by posting a sign of sorts with a short phrase like “smile you’re on camera,” or a security companies name and logo. “More research is needed on this topic. But the evidence we have to date indicates that video surveillance is a useful tool for deterring crime.” (Cornell University, 2017). These signs are placed to deter crime before it happens, and in many cases, does precisely that. According to various studies, crime is significantly lower in a neighborhood where video surveillance is installed, but along with installation, it is just as important to regularly monitor these systems, without regular monitoring they have proven to be less efficient. When you place camera signs and stickers, it makes people think that you are surely serious about crime prevention, thus reducing the chance of a burglar entering your house. More research is needed on this topic.

Criminals Don’t Want to Get Caught

Privacy is a topic which you will always find when discussing surveillance. Americans have a right to their privacy, but they also have the right to protect their families and their possessions. So in most cases, after a short discussion, homeowners, business owners, and parents will go with the surveillance despite neighbors’ concerns for a right to privacy. Criminals don’t want to get caught for obvious reasons; the trick is to get what they came for and get out unnoticed. When you put surveillance cameras in the mix, you make it impossible or in the very least more difficult for them to get away unseen, or add the ability to see them before they even enter a location. This gives the homeowner a chance to call 911. On seeing the security cameras and surveillance systems installed in the neighborhood, as well as in your house, there is a much less chance of a burglar trying to break into your house.

Surveillance provides evidence

There is no denying that using cameras and surveillance systems work as a substitute for police work. However, it is true that camera footage offers additional leads and clues in any investigation. Similarly, it also helps to secure the witness cooperation. Prosecutors also note that the recorded footage can be used for complementing eyewitness evidence.

Surveillance Systems Stop Crime Before They Happen

Surveillance systems have proven to cut crime and provide people with a peace of mind in knowing their property, and loved ones are being watched over, even when they may not able too. “The presence of cameras was effective in reducing crime for some, though not all, areas. The key isn’t in just having cameras, the report states, but in how they’re used” (McCaney, 2017). With lower crime rates in areas where video surveillance is installed and monitored carefully, it is no wonder, so many neighborhoods are witnessing more cameras and less crime.

The cameras can be placed at different intersections of the neighborhood. They can be fixed on the main gate, as well as on the garage gates. Since 34% of the time burglars enter the house through the front door, placing one there will surely deter crime. Similarly, placing a camera on the second-floor level where it is quite visible is also great for deterring crime.

Final Verdict

Surveys suggest that cameras are effective for reducing the crime rate if they are deployed in the right manner and are placed in strategic places. Despite the substantial investment they require, setting up surveillance systems is totally worth it.

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