Stop that Creeper from Stalking Your Children with Software to Track Cell Phones

Every parent likes to ensure the safety of their child/children, but it is hard to know exactly who they may interact with on a daily basis. Child predators exist, and it is hard to tell them from anyone else you may know. Here are things you can do with and for your child to help ensure their daily safety.

Know your surroundings

If you are moving always research your local neighborhoods and schools the internet provides a wealth of information that is continually updated such as; crime levels and the type of crimes committed within specific areas. There is also a variety of free websites that provide information on registered sex offenders, their specific infraction, and where they are located. These allow the parent to steer their child/children clear of such places.

Meeting with friends and their parents


It is vital for a parent to meet their children’s friends who they would like to spend time with outside of a school setting. If the child wants to spend time in a home, it is important for the parent to contact the friend’s parent in order to find out who will be present, whether other friends will be invited, and to make sure there is parental supervision during the visit.

Talking to your children

It is imperative for a parent to talk with the child about stranger danger. If a child does not know someone they should be taught to stay clear and keep moving if approached. Teaching a child different warning signs of danger will help them prevent harmful situations and know what to do if something does occur. You must teach him or her about being aware of the surroundings and observing them after every few minutes. This particularly applies if your child walks home alone. Teach your kid to continue glancing over the shoulder after regular intervals and closely observe the parked cars.

Monitor the use of internet

Criminals, including sex offenders, now use the Internet to find their next prey. Therefore, you must take out time and monitor how and for how long your child is using the internet. You must also discourage him or her from giving out personal information to people online.

Software to track cell phones

Today’s parents have several available options on how they can track and locate a child in case of an emergency. Devices such as; phones, locator keychains, and GPS trackers all provide apps and information that keep a child and parent closely connected. For example: On the Lifewire website, you can find the Trax Play Kids’ GPS tracker. It is, “capable of working in over 33 countries, and it allows parents to be notified whenever a child leaves a designated safe zone.” (Lifewire, 2017).

There are a number of apps that parents can also use to track their kids. A couple of these are listed below.


A top-notch software to track cell phones, KidGuard, is focused on providing surveillance solutions which can be used by parent

s to keep track of their children’s activities, as well as their whereabouts. One of the best features that KidGuard provides is the Situation 360. In times of crisis, one cannot simply wait and waste time, and KidGuard understands this. For this reason, with Situation 360, you can get an emergency report generated just a few minutes after it is activated.

The feature gathers the most recent mobile phone activities including the GPS locations, the browser history, the recent photos sent and received, the call history, and the messages sent and received on various platforms. This way, you can know where your child is and whether he or she is safe or not.

With KidGuard, you can easily figure out where your kid recently was. The software accesses photos and tells you where and at what time the picture had been taken so you can have a clue about the place your child visited throughout the day. You will then be provided with a list of police departments near you so that you can inform the right authorities as soon as possible, in case of an emergency. With the social media option, you can also message your friends and family.


Life360 is also known as another great application that can be used by the whole family together. Apart from knowing where each member of your family is, you can also see whether the kids have left or arrived at their destinations. It is not only a tracking app but is also an app for family communication and is much more efficient than GPS. With Life360, you can also enjoy VoIP conference calls and group messaging to stay in contact with everyone.

Parents can surely rest easy knowing that their child/children are safe from everyday dangers by taking the time to put these preventive measures in place.

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KidGuard’s sole mission is to protect your children online. Our team spends every waking hour thinking about how to bring awareness and inspire solutions on issues of cyber bullying, online predators, teen suicide, and childhood depression in the age of technology. KidGuard employs a team of researchers and writers to educate parents on solutions to digital parenting problems and also runs a popular child cell phone monitoring software to allow parents to stay involved in their child’s life online.

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