No Secrets! Before Using Cell Phone Tracking Software, Talk to Your Kids First

Today is unlike any other day in recorded history. Technology is changing the course of humanity with lightning speed and with these new changes comes the need of parents to protect their children in this changing tide. The question is, how do parents change with the times and still keep a watchful eye on their children along with the children’s online social activities as well?

“With texting being the most used data service across the entire world and having a 7,700% growth over the last ten years leading to the 22 billion text messages sent worldwide, and 6 billion of those be accounted for by the U.S. ” (“Textrequest,” 2017).  It is clear to see the need for parents to monitor their children’s texting habits. Parents in many cases are unaware of who or even when their children are actively texting.

The harmful effects of unsupervised technology  

Kids are now making bad decisions; in the amount of texting they are doing, the people they are actively texting, the content of their text messages, or the time of day or night they are sending and receiving messages. (“Textrequest”, 2017). These texting habits are leading to a poor focus on school, sleep deprivation, isolation, and the significant lack of social skill development. When a parent becomes aware of these problems or potential for these problems, the need to expand the range of their watchful eye becomes clear.

Lately, it seems that if the kids aren’t texting, then they are accessing social apps/networks or browsing the web for new memes. In many cases, the parents are consumed by many of the same social norms of today’s society; it can be somewhat tricky to monitor every page, every message, or every application their children explore.

With so many distractions at every turn of a kids head it’s easy for them to lose track of time and before they know it, their homework has gone undone. These distractions have many names including texting, the next online game, YouTube, or thousands of others apps. The thing is, no matter the name or type of distraction the parent must keep their children focused and pointed in the right direction, even if the kids may think otherwise. This is best done while leading by example. It can be challenging to keep your children from distractions if the parents are distracted already.

What can parents do?

Between work, errands, social obligations, and keeping up with their texting habits, any parent falls short on monitoring their children’s phone and computer activities. “Older children and teenagers should be given a more detailed picture of the inherent dangers and how they might inadvertently become a victim.” (Gamble, 2017).

Inform kids about all possible dangers

Turning a blind eye is not the answer, where having serious talks with your children about the dangers associated with many of their online activities, is a must by any good parent living in today’s high-tech world. It is essential for parents to inform their children of the why’s and how comes behind their concerns. Sometimes children need to be reminded of the real dangers outside of a parent’s protective bubble, to keep the kids aware of those dangers. Parents need to listen and understand their children’s pressures with this new speed wave of data and keep an open ear as well as a watchful eye.

Teach them measures they can use in emergencies

Make sure that your kids know what to do in case they are caught up in a situation. Have your number on speed dial and have them enrolled in self-defense classes so that they know how to protect themselves until help arrives.

Use cell phone tracking software and surveillance apps

There is no secret formula for raising children in today’s fast-paced high-tech world. A parent’s trust will only do so much, keeping an open dialogue about online and device usage is critical, periodically monitoring histories only allows a parent to check a device or user’s history, but what kid doesn’t know how to get around that. Maybe an extra watchful eye is what is needed for a good parent today, to rest easy. This is where surveillance apps such as KidGuard come in.

About Cell Phone Tracking Software: KidGuard

Cell phone tracking software, KidGuard, offers various tools and information that parents can use to keep their kids safe. With the services offered by the company, you can make sure that your kid isn’t being cyberbullied or isn’t in contact with sex offenders and online predators. Similarly, you can also keep track of their location to know where they are at all times and if they are safe or not. Likewise, you can ensure that they aren’t giving out private and personal information to people online.

With various features such as monitoring call logs and tracking text messages, you can keep a watchful eye out for your kid’s activities.


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