How Your New Cell Phone Is Keeping You Safe And Your Data Secure: The Newest Surveillance Technologies in Cell Phones

Protecting our children when they’re online can be extremely difficult. No parent wants to completely invade their child’s privacy and breach their trust, but how can you keep an eye on what they’re doing while online without ruining your relationship with your child?

Cell Phones With Built-In Surveillance

The best way to keep your data secure and see everything your child is doing online is to have a cell phone that comes with all of the technology you’ll need, right off the bat.

Thankfully, iOS and Android smartphones come with phone monitoring software built in. This means that you can use them whenever you want to, and disable them if you don’t feel like having them on and tracking certain pieces of information.

The latest smartphones, such as the iPhone X, for example, come with a number of surveillance features that give you all the surveillance potential you’ll need. Whether you’re watching your child’s activity online, or just want to know what they’re up to every day, there’s an app for that.The iPhone X uses facial recognition to open the phone itself, which is something that hasn’t been done before. With this in mind, this may not be the smartphone you want your child to have. It will be extremely difficult to gain access to the phone itself unless you are paying their bill and can pull all of their records.

Surveillance Features Included in Smartphones

When it comes to smartphones these days, they come with absolutely everything where securing your data is concerned. Not only that, but you can look and see what you did the entire day with just a few taps. It’s become that easy!

Facial recognition technology works by remembering your facial features as a way to unlock a phone, access certain files, etc. This is somewhat relative to fingerprint technology, which remembers your unique fingerprint to access a phone.

Parental monitoring control functions work by restricting certain things, such as pornographic websites on the internet and other adult content. Even though this is typically done on computers, you can now do so on cell phones, as well!

These days finding a lost phone isn’t a lost cause anymore since most come with a “Find My Phone” function already installed. This uses the GPS system to locate the lost or stolen phone and give you the exact location where you can find it. Using GPS will also show you where the phone has been used, too.

Finally, internet search history gives you a look into what your child or spouse has been searching and viewing while on the internet. You can see the time they visited the website, which websites and pages they were looking at, etc.

Depending on the phone you purchase, whether it’s for your child or your spouse, you may get all or most of these built-in surveillance features and apps.

Using Cell Phone Surveillance Technology

Whether or not you decide to use these technologies is completely up to you. For example, you can disable fingerprint technology for gaining access to a cell phone and enable the parental monitoring function instead.

Because you will have access to a couple of different surveillance options, you can pick and choose which ones to enable and disable on your child’s phone. Although, if it’s your spouse’s phone, and you believe them to be unfaithful, watch which features and apps they have enabled in order to gain access.

The Latest in Cell Phone Surveillance Technology

Phone surveillance technology has come a very long way. These days, there are a wide variety of ways to keep track of your troubled teen or a potentially unfaithful spouse, so take your pick!

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