Homework Time! The Best Cell Phone Software to ensure your kids are doing their homework

Today we see significant amounts of homework that can only be completed using apps, computers, tablets, or phones sent home every night. When more than one method is being used to create and submit homework, it becomes an impossible task for parents to keep track and make sure that their child is completing everything accurately and on time. Her’s the best cell phone software and a few strategies that parents can use to keep tabs and make sure their child is staying on track.

Homework Helper

Not all parents have enough time to sit down and help their child with homework. However, if a schedule can be created for an hour to be set aside three times a week, a student will excel just by showing and explaining to the parent what they are learning and why. However, don’t underestimate the need for a break, even in one hour. Give your child a five-minute break in between as this will only increase the efficiency of your kid. If a student can accurately demonstrate what they have completed, it shows that they are grasping the concepts and can move forward. Furthermore, when a concept is repeated and revised, it is retained in the memory much better.

At the time when your child is recounting all the concepts that he or she learned in school, then you must ensure that they have a quiet environment so that they can concentrate better. The homework space needs to be free from distractions, and the number of people passing by the place should also be limited.

Managing Homework Load

It may not seem easy to manage a child’s homework, but with the technology today, it is no longer an impossible task. There are many apps for this purpose and have been created to help both the parent and student keep track of what has been accomplished and what still needs to be improved. According to Amanda Morin of popsugar.moms, there are a lot of great apps if you know where to look such as; “Spark Notes, My Gradebook, I Procrastinate, and I Homework.” (Morin, 2017). Every one of these apps provides a way to manage big projects, break down tasks, create lists, notes, and calendars that both the student and parent can use.

Text Monitoring and Social Media Limitations

While many people think that homework time should be free from all technological devices, times have drastically changed. The internet is a wonderful place and is filled with information that your child can use for completing his or her homework. However, it is true that your child can continue to use social media websites and text messages while browsing. For this reason, monitoring a child’s text while completing homework is vital as texting is a distraction and conversations can lead to procrastination. “In order to build trust with your child and maintain open and honest communication, it’s imperative to talk to them about why you want to see what and who they are texting.” (Gamble, 2017). Social media can provide a lot of excellent resources to help your child study but limiting the use creates within them the need to rely on themselves and not others to get an assignment done.

This is where KidGuard comes in. KidGuard has a number of solutions when it comes to keeping an eye on your child. With the phone monitoring service, which is a tracking software, parents can look at the text messages and the conversations their kids are having to ensure that they don’t copy the homework from elsewhere and instead, work on it themselves.

KidGuard: The Best Cell Phone Software for Monitoring

In our judgment, the best cell phone software to manage your children is KidGuard, which lets you keep a check on the text messages that your child sends and receives. In fact, you can also have a look at the deleted messages. All of this can be done without your children knowing, however, this doesn’t mean that you should completely invade their privacy. With KidGuard, you can make sure that your kid is understanding all the concepts and isn’t complaining about not understanding a certain topic to their friends. Similarly, you can make sure that your kids aren’t bullying anyone or forcing anyone to send their homework.

Similarly, you can also check out the websites they are visiting and the things they are browsing. You can make sure that they are indeed looking at helpful resources instead of going through other people’s pictures and profiles. With KidGuard, you can stay up to date with all of the social media apps that your kid uses including Snapchat, WhatsApp, and of course, Facebook.

Homework may seem like a tedious chore, and as a parent, you feel there is no time to invest in it. However, it is a bonding experience that lets the child know you are there to help no matter what and that they can accomplish anything with the right tools at their disposal.


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