Hit the Road Jack: How Cell Phone GPS Software Helped Me Catch a Cheating Spouse

His name is Jaxson. Everyone calls him Jack. He is one of those engaging characters that isn’t a stranger to anyone he meets. He has dark walnut colored hair with a little wave to it. His aquamarine colored eyes are perfectly situated above a somewhat large nose. Jack commanded attention and respect everywhere he went because when he walked into the room he usually looked like the smartest person in the room. His wit, charm, and experience rounded out his personality very well. For these reasons, and others too, I fell in love with him and married him.

It wasn’t long after our fourth wedding anniversary that Jack’s time away from home increased. I knew about the large corporate project that kept him busy every moment of the day, with some evening meetings as well. I was beginning to feel a little jealous of his work, and then his tone changed. He was always too tired to be intimate and our kisses were reduced to the pecks on the cheek.

One day, I was at Lowes Home Improvement Center to pick up some paint samples for a room in our home I was planning to repaint. As I exited the paint department, there was a market display in the middle of the walkway. When I first looked at it, I was thinking that this display should be a few aisles over in the flooring department because its name was Tile®. But upon closer inspection, I realized that it had nothing to do with flooring. Tile® is a tracking device that is square shaped – about an inch by one inch. It’s a GPS tracking device that can be tracked by linking it to a cell phone’s GPS software. You can place it on a pet or put it in a computer bag. Leave it under the seat in your car (you know the one you typically let your teenage boy drive) so you can know at all times if he’s at the movie theater or somewhere he’s not supposed to be. Thinking about the implications of using Tile®, I immediately started having thoughts of mistrust for my husband which were not present before. I tucked all this information away for future reference if needed and went about my day.

Well, it didn’t take long for me to start having some real feelings of mistrust about my husband. Two weeks after seeing that square device in the store, I found a second and much cheaper phone in my husband’s pants pocket. I couldn’t view any activity on the phone because a PIN was needed to unlock it. My husband couldn’t understand my misgivings about a second phone. He stated that it was given to him by his company for doing company business. It sort of made sense, but at the same time, his manner kind of belied what he just told me.

A few days later I was at Lowes to buy the paint I needed for the spare bedroom. As I was rolling out to the checkout stations to pay, I was confronted by that display for those square-shaped tracking devices again. Without putting a lot of thought into it, I bought two of these “tiles.” When I got home with the paint and the Tile® I quickly opened the packaging for the trackers and in less than ten minutes I had the two tracking devices linked to my phone. When Jack got home and was in the shower, I taped one to a small tear on the inside lining of his soft briefcase and the other went into the trunk of his car and placed just inside the small compartment that held those useless tire jacks (was there some irony in all of this since my husband’s name is Jack?). He would call AAA if he had any sort of breakdown, anyway. I felt guilty as I reentered the house. After all, marriage should have complete trust in its center. I loved Jack very much, but I wasn’t going to lose him without a fight to keep him. Jack and I cuddled together as we tried to sleep. Both of us were restless.

In the morning as he was leaving with his cup of coffee, he said that he would be late home again and not to expect him back before midnight. All throughout the day, I was checking to see if the two tiles were working. Indeed, they were working fine. One tile was seen to be in the large corporate building where Jack’s office was. The other was in the parking lot outside. This was kind of fun, but I dreaded seeing where he was in the evening.

There was movement then – both tiles went to Butch’s around 6 PM. This was a high-end establishment for drinking and meeting clients. I was hoping that was all that was going on: networking. By 8 PM there was movement again. This time the two tiles were heading to the opposite side of town and then they stopped at a well-to-do neighborhood. I was able to zoom down to the street level and acquire the address. Jack left at 11:30 PM and got home a little after midnight. The tiles even verified it. I was devastated.

However, I decided that I wasn’t going to drag out this process. I confronted him about his rendezvous; I think he was more concerned about how I knew rather than him cheating if I’m honest. He suspected a private investigator. I didn’t try to dissuade him from that thought. He knew he was caught. He begged for forgiveness. I told him that if he loved me he would go bunk in with his parents for a week and if he was serious about putting some work into our marriage that he could come back home, but only if he agreed to some marital counseling so we could fix our damaged marriage.

We’ve been married for six years now and it’s the best it’s ever been! I’m so happy that we managed to salvage what we had. It goes to show, if in doubt: track.

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