Good Nanny, Bad Nanny…Know Who’s Taking Care of Your Kids with Video Surveillance via Mobile Phone!

“Better safe than sorry”

Work or leisure takes us out for the night, and our children are trusted in the hands of a nanny, whose credibility is authenticated only by a simple reference. Is that enough to guarantee that the said individual can be responsible when it comes to properly looking after your child?

Effective surveillance, preferably of which the nanny is also aware of, helps in preventing any physical or mental abuse from happening and is an incentive for the nanny to give efficient services to the child they’ve been hired for.

Ethical and Legal Issues

It is legal to make a video recording of your child and the nanny when you are away, to ensure the safety of the child and to monitor the behavior of the nanny. Cameras may be hidden or not, but they can’t be placed in private areas like bathrooms and the nanny’s bedroom. Audio recording is illegal without the consent of the concerned person.

Thus, nanny cams usually don’t record audio. Even if abuse is proved through an audio/visual recording, it will be inadmissible in the court of law as a breach of privacy without the nanny’s knowledge.

Why Nanny Video Surveillance is Importance

Nanny video surveillance can help prevent:

  • Your child from facing emotional abuse.
  • Your child from facing physical abuse.
  • Unwanted visitors (such as the nanny’s friends) from coming to your home while you’re out.
  • The Nanny not following your orders when it comes to the child’s meals and bedtime.

Devices for Video Surveillance via Mobile Phone You Should Know About

Technology, with its advancement in high definition spy cameras, enables us to discreetly keep an eye on the nanny and the child. Depending upon your requirements, different types of surveillance cameras can be utilized. Some can download recordings onto a memory card or online cloud account. Others provide video surveillance via mobile phone interfaces, where you can see a live feed directly from a cell phone.

The Air Freshener Camera

It is a perfect option, especially for the living room or the kitchen. Its live feed can be conveniently channeled through your smartphone, iPad or laptop. Moreover, the presence of motion sensors helps save wastage of your time from viewing hours and hours of footage in which nothing is happening, and recording events when there is some activity, normal or otherwise, happening.

This camera has a high definition pinhole spy camera with a digital recording system. Moreover, it comes with a date/time stamp on the recordings. It autosaves recordings every 10 minutes, and a new file is formed with no gap. Sectioned recordings reduce chances of file corruption and make the system more reliable. A long battery life makes it an excellent choice for surveillance purposes. It comes with USB cable and charger.

Smoke Alarm Wifi Spy Camera

This is designed as a false smoke alarm with a high definition wifi spy camera fitted in it. It has to be configured with your selected wifi network and once installed, there are no wires or flashing lights or sounds that can be indicative of the presence of a camera within the false smoke alarm. Its live feed can be monitored on your smartphone or laptop, whether you are sitting next door or in some other city.

All it needs is a wifi connection and main power outlet, to run indefinitely, thus requiring no batteries. Remote viewing and recording of the live feed are easily possible with smartphones or laptops. Also, automatic storage of video feed can be done on a hard drive. Recording can be set to “motion activated” to save time and useless footage.

HD Spy Clock Camera

This spy camera is under the disguise of an elegant fully functioning digital clock. The pinhole high definition camera is ideal for simple covert surveillance purposes. It records both audio and video feeds, but its audio content can be muted as to avoid any legal issues. It comes with a micro-SD card, which records all footage. It can be connected with a USB cable with a compatible Windows program and played back to view the footage.

Table Lamp Camera

It is an ideal decoration piece, sitting in one corner of the room but in fact hiding a high definition spy camera with digital video recording, making it a perfect surveillance tool. Moreover, it is a fully functioning lamp, which can be used as such and accepted as a normal part of a room’s décor. The camera system and the SD card, are hidden in the lamp’s base, and the camera is a discreet pinhole in one of the vertical faces of the base. It’s invisible, although easily accessible by just removing the magnetic plate present at the base of the lamp.

Furthermore, it has both high-quality video and audio recording, but audio can be muted due to legal issues. These recordings also have a time/date stamp. Moreover, options of manual, scheduled (i.e., video recordings within a pre-selected time period), motion detection and overwrite features for continuous recording, are present.

If the overwrite features are enabled, then there is no use to change the SD card once it is full because the latest recording will overwrite the old footage. This camera has no battery and draws its power from the main supply, i.e., when the lamp is plugged into the wall socket. Thus, to keep a continuous power supply to the recording system, the lamp should be always switched on from the main outlet. For switching the lamp on and off, do it independently from the camera system.

Radio Wifi Spy Camera

This spy camera is very easy to set up. It resembles a clock and can be conveniently placed in any location in the room. It is a wireless system, and there isn’t any flashing indicator lights or any sound beeps. It draws its power from the main supply. That is why it’s placement needs to be near a live main power outlet.

It has high definition video and audio recording capabilities, but the audio can be muted as per legal issues in the community. The live feed is not limited to a few rooms. It can be remotely viewed on your laptop or smartphone, thousands of miles away. All it needs is an internet connection.

Through-the-lens motion detection technology enables this camera to store recordings to flash memory storage, remote computer hard drives or even to a Dropbox account. For Dropbox storage option, you will have to send a request to set up the account. The camera is installed expertly facing out of the front grille of the radio and is not easily visible even at close scrutiny.

This position is ideal for a clear general overview of a room. Software for remote viewing is provided by the company and is easy to set up on a Windows or Mac computer. Optional infrared LED illuminators, invisible to human eye, are discreetly built into the radio’s front, which will show clear footage of the room, in low light or even complete darkness.

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