Employee Surveillance – Why more and more Employers are doing surveillance on their employees

Why do employees require surveillance?

When you own a big firm, you need a lot of workers to help you run it. And to make your organization successful, it is essential that everyone does their job correctly and loyally. A lot of companies and organizations keep a check on their employees to make sure no confidential information is being leaked.

For a business to flourish it’s essential that each employee is giving their best at work and aren’t slacking off, which one of the many reasons why employers keep a check on their employees.

It isn’t uncommon for some employees too often spend their office hours surfing the web for non-office related stuff. To counter such occurrences in a business establishment, a lot of firms have introduced internet surveillance systems of their employees. Such surveillance enables businesses to keep an eye on the websites being visited, calls being made, and emails being sent through business accounts.

Why is it a Good Thing to have an Internet Surveillance System Installed in your Office?

There are many pros of having an internet surveillance system installed in a business. By having an internet surveillance system installed, you can make sure that no one is misusing the internet access by visiting inappropriate websites or looking at inappropriate content.

Employers need to be concerned about the nature of the websites their employee’s visit. This is because such inappropriate sites can end up creating a hostile working environment. Similarly, employers also need to check the employee-forwarded emails and jokes to make sure that they don’t end up creating an atmosphere of harassment by sharing any inappropriate content.

Surveillance helps employers ensure that employees are utilizing their office hours in a productive manner. Even if your business environment allows employees a bit of freedom when it comes to internet access for personal use, having a workforce that wastes a majority of their time using social media will hurt your business’s productivity in the long run.

Another reason why employers place employees under electronic surveillance at work is that they’re concerned about their ability to produce emails and web records to be able to defend themselves against possible lawsuits.

Litigation is a serious issue that a lot of employers face. Since electronic evidence plays an essential role in lawsuits and regulatory investigations, more employers are monitoring the online activity taking place in their office.

Another reason for having surveillance is to stop data theft. In many cases related to business theft, there’s always an employee involved. Through internet surveillance, owners can keep an eye on their employees and see if there’s any risk of data being stolen that can potentially harm the company.

So, in short, internet surveillance can help with addressing issues such as:

  • Workplace harassment.
  • Theft.
  • Non-productive employees.
  • Litigation.

Internet Surveillance Software and Systems

As a business owner, your success depends on the business environment you create and how hard your employees work. Monitoring your employees is an efficient way to see the productivity levels. The collected data can help you address issues before they become major problems.

Using internet surveillance software and systems can help grow your business in a positive manner. It also tells your employees that their activities are being watched during office hours and thus, you expect them to be productive.

Some of the most reliable surveillance options you can go for include:

Time Doctor

As the name suggests, this is a reliable software that keeps an eye on the time taken to complete a task and prevents people from wasting time. Such software can be easily used by business establishments for tracking their team’s overall productivity and how employees are utilizing time during office hours.

This software even records employee’s internet usage and then offers up comprehensive report of all the websites that an employee visited as well as the applications used. Such software can also take a screenshot after every 3 minutes. These screenshots can help confirm whether employees are working or not.

Desk Time

Desk Time software provides real-time automatic tracking. It categorizes the applications that were used during work and lets the employer know if they were productive or unproductive just to see how productive the employees are.


Asana is a monitoring software that allows employers to track their employees. This software includes a feature called Harvest Timer that informs you about how much time you’ve spent on each task. Tasks are tracked in real time.


This is another surveillance software that can easily keep track your employee’s computer behavior and then offer you detailed reports on how they’ve spent their time. The report will list the time spent on both productive as well as non-productive websites and applications.

The dashboards on the software provide you with clear visuals that make it easier to see which employees have been actively engaged in handling business tasks during office hours and which have been continuously distracted. This software allows you to categorize such activities, see all the applications, compare different employees’ productivity levels, and how they use their office time.

Reliable Employee Video Surveillance

While a lot of employers are making use of surveillance software, there are still not many firms that have begun using video surveillance systems to keep track of their employees.

Employee video surveillance systems are probably one of the best methods of tracking your employees and making sure that they consume working hours to help make the company better.

However, before you decide to get a video surveillance system installed in your business here are a few things that you need to know!

  • You may only get a video surveillance system installed for legitimate business reasons.
  • Also, you have to let your employees know about such a system being used.
  • Surveillance is not allowed to record conversations. This means that the videos recorded must not have any audio.
  • Also, you need to make sure that this system may only be installed in rooms where work is being conducted. Employee’s restrooms, break rooms, and any other such room may not have such a system installed.

Wrapping It Up

Employers have the right to track their employees’ activity during working hours. However, in order to be ethical about it, it’s always best to let employees know that such surveillance software or systems are being used. Letting employees be aware makes them more conscious of what they are doing and it also addresses any privacy issues that might arise. Just make sure you use a reliable video or internet surveillance system.

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