Digital Surveillance Software for Startup Businesses

Employee surveillance is quite a controversial issue these days, mainly due to privacy issues. However, using surveillance might become a necessity in your business.

Your employees, as well as your business, are susceptible to various dangers. Dangers that can be avoided with the right protective surveillance.

Why do you need surveillance?

Startup businesses have a lot to deal with in their early stages. Startup entrepreneurs must bootstrap your costs, avoid controversies that negatively impact employee cohesion, or have information stolen that could hurt the profitability or scalability of the business. In the worst case scenario, perhaps it could cause the entire business to fail. Thus, surveillance, particularly for a startup business, is quite important. Here are a few benefits:

Reduces theft

Theft is a major issue for all businesses, even ones that have just started. Each year, there are around 275 million cases of retail theft around the globe. However, it is estimated that only 1 person in 46 people is arrested because of those thefts.

What’s more alarming is that one out of the 6 people arrested on charges of theft is employees of the business that experienced the said theft. In other words, in total, there are a million potential employees out there that might steal from a business.

Non-retail businesses, similarly, have the chances of theft too including the theft of intellectual property to theft of the company property.

Boosts profit and productivity

Keeping a check on the employees have been known to boost a business’s overall productivity and profits. For example, with the help of digital surveillance, managers have to spend less of their time when it comes to monitoring their employees, allowing them to utilize time for other productive things.

Digital surveillance has also caused a positive impact on restaurants. In restaurants with surveillance, there has been a 22% drop in theft and a 7% increase in profits. A possible explanation for employees being more productive because of surveillance is because they know they’re being watched. Employees that might be skimming might also be working for more tips to cover up any differences in the finance records.

Avoid sexual harassment issues

Sexual harassment in offices is still a big problem which needs to be addressed as efficiently as possible. You shouldn’t just be motivated to use digital surveillance for the wellbeing of your employees, but you should also be concerned about the adverse effect that sexual harassment can have on the financial status, the productivity, and the morale of your company.

Using surveillance in offices and other workplaces can reduce such behavior dramatically as the employees are aware that they are being watched. It can also work as evidence once a complaint has been filed for sexual harassment.

Reduce workplace violence

Just like sexual harassment, violence in workplaces also remains a continuous problem around the globe. For instance, in America, 17% of fatal work injuries in 2011 was because of workplace violence.

This percentage equals to around 780 fatal injuries in one year. Surveillance, particularly for a startup, can discourage such incidents along with incidents of vandalism and property damage. Surveillance can also help you provide the right information to law enforcement if such an event has taken place.

The Best Devices for Video Surveillance

Now that you’ve considered using digital surveillance for your startup business, you must decide on the devices being offered by surveillance companies. A few you should consider are:


ADT provides a variety of video surveillance services and products for startups and small businesses. There are three camera options available including dome, indoor color, and wireless camera.

The company also provides digital video duplicators and recorders with which. Security personnel can look at the same video feed from different monitors. Businesses also have the option of accessing the video surveillance systems not only from anywhere within the business establishment but also from mobile devices. Other features that ADT provides are cloud storage solutions, motion detection, and email notifications.

Tyco Integrated Security

The company offers businesses many customizable surveillance solutions. Tyco Integrated Security offers recording software and hardware, video monitors, remote viewing and web management, and closed-circuit TV systems.

The company also has a range of cameras to pick out from including mobile, transit, IP-networked, wireless, thermal, low-light, infrared, analog, and digital cameras. The cameras also have pan and zoom capabilities.

CPI Security

CPI also provides many business security services and products. Apart from a personalized LCD control panel, the package also includes a microphone, real-time speaker, battery backup, two-door contacts, motion detector, and an infrared interior IP camera.

Moreover, the video cameras are quite technologically advanced and include features like day-night cameras, variable high-speed electronic shutter, and digital backlight compensation.

Best Surveillance Software

The productivity of the employees is closely related to the success of the company in attaining the target output. In the competitive market today, organizations face new challenges when it comes to creating committed workforce and sustaining productivity.

Mentioned below are three software tools you can use for monitoring the productivity of the employees:

Time doctor

This software is a tool for time management and tracks task in real time, thus preventing you from wasting time. It is highly useful for companies and individuals that want to track the productivity and time management of a remote team.

It records the internet use of the employee and then provides a small report of the applications used, and the websites visited. It is a feature-rich software and has options that can help to improve the productivity of the employee like removing multi-tasking and getting the staff to focus on the priorities.


This software tracks the computer behavior of the employees and creates a report on the time they have spent on non-productive applications and productive applications. The dashboard has clear visuals which tell you the employees that are completely distracted and the ones that are closely engaged in their work.

With this software, you can categorize the activities, track employee’s progress across different applications and compare the way in which different employees process the same work. Moreover, the real-time management dashboards also have a set of benefits which contributes to improving the efficiency of the employees.


This software keeps the users up to date with all the important things that range from little things that might slip their minds to the tasks that need to be accomplished. Custom-labeled projects along with team tasks and individual assignments are all listed with their deadlines.

The productivity is monitored with regards to the tasks that need to be completed on time. The greatest advantage, perhaps, of this software is that it is cross-compatible with the different platforms used in the workplace.

Wrapping It Up

As a startup business, you need to do your best to ward off any risks of theft or damage. That’s why using a digital surveillance software to protect your business and to keep a check on your employees can work out in your favor.

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