Are They Cheating? This Cell Phone Software Can Help You Find Out.

Many believe that catching a cheater is an easy task and has very clear explicit signs; your partner coming home late, not answering all of your calls, a sudden change in how they dress, and so on. In fact, some also believe that one day they’ll come home early and catch them in the act!

The reality, however, is something entirely different. If someone is cheating on you, it’s not very likely to be revealed in something as simple as a wrong email or a wrong text. For some people, months and even years go by until they realize they’re being cheated on.  

So, is there any way to figure out if your partner is having an affair?

Mentioned below are some signs that can confirm if someone is cheating in your relationship. However, don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions and make sure that you think through the actions you are about to take first.

Signs that Someone is Cheating

While there are many big signs that all point to cheating, the following common signs might also raise some red flags.

You’re unaware of their social activities

Needing a break from all social media platforms is a different thing, and all of us have experienced that stage. However, if your partner informs you that they no longer have a social media account while your friends say otherwise then it is time to sit down and have a chat.

You can’t use their phone, even for a minute

It is understandable that both the computer and the phone are personal devices with a lot of private information. However, in a relationship, one is bound to use the other’s device at one point or the other. So, in the case where your partner guards the devices in quite a territorial manner, you have the right to be suspicious.

It’s not uncommon for a person to use their phone excessively. But if your partner guards his or her phone when you are around like shielding the screen while texting then there is a high possibility that there’s a secret being kept.

They feel awkward around you

There can be many reasons because of which your partner might be nervous and stressed out. However, if it appears that your partner is only nervous around you then it is a good idea to mention your observation to them and figure out what’s going on.

You are being called a cheater

If your partner is involved in an affair with someone else, there is a chance that they might accuse you of cheating first. This is a common tactic cheaters use in hopes of justifying their actions and trying to make it seem your fault. It’s true that when your partner steals, lies, or cheats, they easily assume that you might be involved in the same things too.

Unannounced trips become extremely frequent

There can be hundreds of different reasons for your partner’s need to travel, and it shouldn’t cause any problems. But if your partner has started making frequent trips then you might want to ask the reason.

It can be the other way round too; if your partner is constantly encouraging you to leave the house or the city for some trip (be it with friends or for business), they might be making time for cheating on you.

If suddenly, your partner is being too accepting of you staying out more, taking trips, or working late, there might be a problem. Moreover, if your partner doesn’t show any signs that you are missed when you’re out then there might be someone else taking your place.

They’re happy while you’re not

If your partner seems to be giddily happy without there being an important reason, warning bells might start ringing soon. Yes, your partner being happy is quite good news for you too, however, if they are happy and distant at the same time or if you aren’t part of this new joy, it’s better to find what or who particularly is responsible for their happiness.

Compromise is no longer an option

Relationship experts state that cheaters tend to disregard your feelings and pick petty fights more often. If you think that your partner no longer listens to you or is being more stubborn all of a sudden then it may be because they are cheating. Relationships are all about compromise but if your partner wishes all things to go their way then they might be feeling unhappy and looking for someone new to be with.

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Catch Cheaters Using Mobile Phone Surveillance

Mobile phone surveillance can be used to find the truth by monitoring the behavior of your partner. If your partner is lying and cheating then having some kind of surveillance is a must if you wish to reveal the truth.

Despite being the most effective way of monitoring your partner, spying on another can lead to greater problems under certain laws. Plus, you must also be aware of whether or not monitoring someone else without informing them about it is ethical or not for you.

A good way for you to test the waters, when dealing with a potentially cheating or lying partner, is by mentioning mobile phone surveillance in the middle of friendly banter. This can help you gauge their reaction to figure out how they feel about it.

There are many services that you can use to keep track of your partner. Just make sure that you’re using a reliable one. As a recommendation, KidGuard services are trustworthy. The primary purpose of KidGuard’s services is to keep kids safe in real life as well as when they’re online. However, it can be used to track your partner too.

Not only can you track the GPS location of your partner through KidGuard, but you can also monitor their phone calls and text messages.

Apart from mobile phone surveillance, you can also use wearable GPS trackers that can be worn as watches, clipped on the clothes, and stored in backpacks. The devices easily pair up with your phone thus making tracking easy.

Wrapping It Up

Going through the ordeal of finding out if your partner is cheating isn’t easy. However, you need to figure out the truth if simply communicating with them isn’t getting any results. Keep the signs of cheating in mind, and when you’re sure that the probability of your partner cheating on you is quite high, make use of mobile surveillance services to dig out the truth.

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