Cell Phone Surveillance Software Anyone Can Use

You don’t have to be a government spy to use phone tracking software. Modern technology has made it easy for anyone to use cell phone surveillance software to track phone calls, text messages, GPS locations, social media activity and much more. You won’t have to sneak off with a cell phone to glean any of this information – you can track everything remotely.

Cell phone surveillance has a multitude of uses. That is why it is being utilized by businesses, parents and those who want to keep close tabs on the elderly, vulnerable or wayward partners. It is keeping people safe and protecting valuable data. What’s more, the person using the tracked cell phone will never know their usage is being monitored.

That’s good news for those who want to check up on workers, know who their children are talking to, or who want access to call logs. Cell phone surveillance software is transforming the way we look after our interests – at home, in the office and away. A simple download is all it takes, and you are set to spy on the cell phone of your choice.

The Pew Research Centre has found that more than 92-percent of Americans own a cell phone. Of those, at least two-thirds have upgraded to a smartphone. There is a hungry market for phone apps. Developers are bringing new software to the market every single day. It was only a matter of time before cell phone surveillance joined the raft of the latest technology available to anyone.

When to Use Cell Phone Tracking Software

Telephone tracking software can be downloaded inexpensively or even for free, with versions for both Android and iPhone devices (jailbreaking will be required if you want to install software onto an iPhone). You’ve probably heard of Copy9 and Hoverwatch. They are free cell phone tapping apps. Affordable paid-for versions include mSpy, DDI, KidGuard, Highster, and FlexiSpy.

While some can prove fiddly to install, these apps make it easy for you to undertake cell phone surveillance anonymously and remotely. While telephone call monitoring software has been around a while, many of the features now available are breaking new ground. Because remote phone control software is readily accessible, it can be used on practically any device and at any time. Some apps even let you listen to calls as they happen. FlexiSpy includes phone call recorder software called Call Interceptor. With it, you can listen to and record conversations.

This type of technology is perfect if you want to prove a partner is cheating. But what about other uses?

Telephone Tracking Software for Businesses

Apps such as mSpy, available on a subscription basis with a range of pricing plans, allow businesses to keep tabs on workers. Plus, track incoming and outgoing calls made on company cell phones. The app also provides keystroke logging, monitors text messages, emails and social media activity. This type of surveillance can pinpoint who is using company phones for private use. It is also helping corporations find out if workers are sharing sensitive business information.

As well as logging calls, with duration and timestamps, some phone tap software can also take screenshots. That can make it easier to prove a worker has been divulging company secrets or using their business phone for personal use. Most phone logging software will detail IM chat data, as well as information about social media use and picture uploads and downloads.

The biggest reason businesses use phone surveillance software is to keep track of employees. These apps show where a phone is at all times, thanks to GPS tracking. So, if you think you can skip a meeting for a trip to the shops, think again. You’ll be caught out if your boss has invested in this bit of tech.

Phone Software Download to Protect Children and the Vulnerable

In 2016 the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children was involved in searches for more than 20,500 children in the US. The true number of children who go missing in America every year is actually much higher. While the majority of those who disappear are runaways or toddlers who have wandered off, around one percent are abducted by strangers. Shocking statistics like this make phone surveillance software a must for parents.

As well as being able to monitor text messages, IM chats, phone calls and social media activity, cell phone tracking can pinpoint a child’s location quickly. It can guard against cyber-bullying, online predators and even protect those who may be suffering from anxiety or depression. If your child is going through a low point, wouldn’t you want to know if they were chatting with people about self-harm?

All of these features are equally useful to protect vulnerable adults, including the elderly and those with a history of depression. Finding out if a person has been looking up ways to commit suicide or how to cover up an eating disorder, for example, can save a person’s life. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s. Knowing where a person with dementia is at all times can keep them out of harm and give loved ones peace of mind.

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