The Best Computer Surveillance Software to Protect Your Business and Family

Computer surveillance isn’t a difficult process to carry out. All you need is a software to track the activity of a computer system.

Mostly, computer surveillance is done by companies to watch over the activities carried out by their employees, but that’s not all.

Computer surveillance can help parents keep an eye on their kids. Kids tend to get distracted from their studies by spending hours playing video games, watching movies and cartoons, and posting on social media sites. They are also open to danger online from cyberbullying to online predators. Hence why it is important to keep an eye on them.

With a good computer monitoring software, you can keep your family safe on the web and also restrict them from accessing or downloading questionable content.

So, how can you do remote computer surveillance, both at your workplace and your home?

To maximize computer surveillance detection features, you need two things. Namely,  software and a device.

This article will help you pick out the best software to do so as we’ve spent hours of research to come up with some of the best software in this regard.

Computer Surveillance Software

Now, there are two types of remote computer surveillance software that are mostly used today. There’s enterprise software to for corporate level computer surveillance and then there is other software for personal computer surveillance.

Monitoring Softwares For Home

Spy Agent

The first computer monitoring software for home on our list is the Spy Agent. It has been awarded the best computer surveillance software amongst its competitors. The reason for that is its diverse features. It offers great security and controlling options, giving it an edge over other tools on the market.    


  • Spy over email activities and internet activities.
  • Keep a track on all the windows viewed from any browser.
  • Record all the applications/games downloaded/installed and used.
  • Maintains a list of all the documents and files opened, edited, created or deleted.
  • Provides options to block websites on the basis of keyword filtering and URL filtering. With this feature, you can control what websites a person can or cannot visit on a computer.
  • Keep a record of all the data stored on the computer.

Price: $70.

Web Watcher

This software holds the title of being the number one Parental Control software.

It’s simple to use. You need to sign up first and all the recorded data is sent to your secret account. This can be in the form of a daily or weekly report. The reports tell you about email activities, social media accounts activities, keystrokes, websites visited and much more.

That’s not all; you can also check up on the computer remotely via a different PC or even your phone.


  • Tamper-proof. This software can’t be hacked into or turned off by anyone other than the owner.
  • Captures screenshot if the explicit or blocked content is visited.
  • Freedom to block an application/game on a schedule. This is helpful when you want to restrict your kids from playing video games during specific hours.
  • Highlights inappropriate words, phrases, and chats in yellow. For instance, curse words will be highlighted in yellow.

Price: $99.95.

Sniper Spy

This software is great for monitoring computer activities at home. It offers surveillance in real time. Meaning, you get to see the live screen when your child or a family member is using the computer or any device. This feature isn’t found in many monitoring software, setting it apart from others on the market.

Other features are commendable too. For instance, if you don’t have the time to watch live screen feature then you can still monitor all internet and computer activities as the software takes screenshots and sends to you.


  • Filters explicit content.
  • Records keystrokes.
  • Limits website visiting.
  • Blocks website visiting.
  • Blocks or limits gaming applications or set a time.
  • Keeps track of everything downloaded and accessed.

Price: $80.

Enterprise Monitoring Software

Corporate tools are heavily in demand and typically more expensive as well. While there are many enterprise monitoring software out there, we are going to discuss one that we think is the best.Let’s have a look:


This enterprise software is all a company needs, for which, it has also been provided with gold and excellence badges by Top 10 Reviews.

This software is no less than an employee. In fact, it is a group, considering the number of things it can do. With this software, organizations can control the activities of an employee, view what he or she accesses, downloads etc.


  • Redirects to a website of your choice if an employee tends to visit a site that’s not appropriate.
  • Monitors activities that are sensitive, such as, employees trying to play with security options, leaking information, downloading files, modifying files or even deleting them.
  • Its dashboard is user friendly.
  • Freezes a computer if a shady activity is recorded.
  • Freezes when important documents are being tried to be printed.
  • Records entire sessions.
  • Full blocking controls.
  • Connects with cloud.

Price: The software can be bought and subscribed for $50 a month, giving you the ability to monitor 5 users. As the number of users increases so does the price. However, the first 14 days are free to use.

Note: Many softwares come with both home and enterprise licenses, so look into it when buying a software.

Devices You May Need

Sometimes, mere softwares aren’t enough and you need to get your hands on some computer monitoring devices to get the job done at home or the workplace.

Common Devices Used For Computer Surveilling
  • Keylogger devices: This device is capable of recording all the keystrokes. It will let you know about passwords, websites visited etc., once plugged into a computer.
  • Security Cams: These devices can be installed at an angle where it can record your screen activities.
  • Stick USBs: These USBs let you monitor activities such as social media interactions, pornography, video games etc. However, each stick is specifically designed to monitor a single task such as tracking social media activities only. So, there’s a different stick USB for every activity.


Computer surveillance is needed for all the right reasons. Find out more about it today, and order your own computer surveillance software to feel safe. While there are several free surveillance tools out there, paid software is better as they tend to offer more features and are also more reliable than free tools.

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