How Surveillance Can Make Your Home and Neighborhood Safer

Surveillance is a common topic among many Americans today. Whether they are being monitored at their local grocery store, in their parking garage at work, elevators up to their office, just about anywhere you look you find a camera looking back. This new fascination with surveillance has even found itself inside American homes and neighborhoods, […]

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Homework Time! The Best Cell Phone Software to ensure your kids are doing their homework

Today we see significant amounts of homework that can only be completed using apps, computers, tablets, or phones sent home every night. When more than one method is being used to create and submit homework, it becomes an impossible task for parents to keep track and make sure that their child is completing everything accurately […]

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There’s No Need to Jailbreak iPhones

If the cell phone you want to monitor is an iPhone, most downloadable surveillance software can prove tricky. You’ll have to side-load it onto the phone because jailbreaking is the only way to get around the deliberate limitations of Apple’s operating system. Designed to work with Apple-only software, the iPhone has to be subjected to […]

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Cell Phone Surveillance Software Anyone Can Use

You don’t have to be a government spy to use phone tracking software. Modern technology has made it easy for anyone to use cell phone surveillance software to track phone calls, text messages, GPS locations, social media activity and much more. You won’t have to sneak off with a cell phone to glean any of […]

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