How Can I Track My iPhone Without Jailbreaking?

Reasons abound why people spy on iPhones. For many people, tracking their partner’s iPhone is perhaps the best way to be sure of their trust in their marriage. Some do it to protect their children from malicious contents online, others, perhaps to track their lost or stolen phones.

Whatever the reasons might be, you shouldn’t jailbreak the device if you must spy on it. This is to avoid the consequences of being caught. Jailbreaking, as explained by Melanie Pinola in her article, “is to hack it so that you have unrestricted access to the entire file system.”

In this case, you’ll need to perform certain tasks on the said phone to be able to jailbreak it. No doubt, this is risky, often times this will void the phone’s warranty too.

So the question is how can I track my iPhone without jailbreaking it? Before we delve into the “how,” let’s have a quick look at why you would want your own iPhone tracked.

Track an iphone without jailbreaking for parents

Why track your iPhone?

This might be because, as Victoria Wollaston of DailyMail put it, “the person doing the spying must own the device being tracked, or the person being tracked must give their permission.”

Or maybe you’re a disciplined parent who feels your child should be of a certain age before you can get him his own phone. And then, in the meantime, you sometimes give him your iPhone to use.  But because you’re worried he might use the phone for the wrong reasons, you try to find out what exactly he does with it without letting him know you’re intruding his privacy.

Just like a protective parent once remarked on the website of one of the popular apps for iPhone spying-mSpy: “Raising a teen is a challenge in itself. Monitoring my child’s iPhone simplifies traditional parenting a lot, as I know every detail about his Hows, Whens & Wheres at once. Mine is a disciplinary measure only.”

So do you wonder if there’s a way you can easily track the mobile device without jailbreaking it? Fortunately, there is.

How to Track your iPhone Without Jailbreak

One way is by using an iCloud feature on your iPhone. With iCloud, monitoring your iPhone can’t be any easier. It works on any version of the iPhone or iOS.

Once you open an account on iCloud, you can access all your saved data on it from any iPhone device. You can easily access all the backed up information from your iPhone on iCloud. All you need is your Apple ID and password.

To use it, you must ensure the tracked phone is Internet-enabled and has an iCloud account. From there, you can launch the tracking. With this method, you can track your partner, spouse or child’s:

  • Calls
  • Text and instant messages (including already deleted ones)
  • Emails
  • Site bookmarks and web history
  • Applications
  • Gps locations
  • Remote control (in case of theft)

However, iCloud do come with some little restriction in viewing text messages. You’d have to pass through some rigorous process of downloading iCloud back-ups if you want to monitor and find the text message file.

how to track my iPhone with iCloud

Fortunately, there is a more feasible way you can track an iPhone without jailbreaking, and that is by using KidGuard’s tracking software. With this powerful software, you can easily monitor your kid’s text messages, track their phone logs, follow chat history and GPS location without any restriction. The best part is you can do this without the knowledge of the other person.

Using KidGuard web app to track your iPhone is a breeze. To use the web app you’d have to follow this procedure:

  1. Ensure the target phone has an active iCloud account with the credentials.
  2. Create an account and add the device you are going to track using the iCloud account
  3. The next step is to click “merge” when you’re asked to sync data.
  4. Select the phone functions you want to spy on (you can select all if you like).
  5. Once this is done, click the “Messages” icon that is located in the bottom bar of your dashboard
  6. After this, the KidGuard app will connect to your iCloud, and all the selected portions of the iPhone you want to track will automatically upload to the control panel on the device you’re using for the tracking.

That’s it. You now have access to your iPhone without jailbreaking it.

Final Note

For one reason or another people want to gain access to their iPhones which they’ve probably given to someone else to use. Regardless of the motives, doing it the right way matters.

No one wants to be caught snooping into another’s phone. Even getting hold of the phone to jailbreak it isn’t the best option either. Merely following the steps above easily grants you access to all the information on your iPhone device without a jailbreak.

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