3 SMS Tracker That Actually Work

Google SMS tracking apps and you get a slew of sites hawking this and that monitoring app. Some are free; many carry a price tag. In addition, there are many that are clunky or worse, don’t even work at all. An outstanding sms tracker should have the qualities of being absolutely unobtrusive, a seamless worker in the background that secretly feeds you text conversations happening in real time. It doesn’t wreak havoc on a phone’s system, drain its battery, or cause glitches. Much like a good spy, a great sms tracker always works incognito.

If you’re serious about stalking and not getting caught, stay away from the freebies. You can’t also trust all the paid ones, either. So, we’ve decided to write about those that actually work as promised.

SMS Trackers

Highster Mobile

SMS Tracker on PC and PhoneAn “oldie” in the market at 8 years, Highster Mobile is a tracking app for iPhones and iPads. Unlike some spy apps, this tracker does not require an Apple device to be jail-broken. This is great because jail-breaking is a hassle. Jail-breaking often voids a gadget’s warranty. It also requires that the target device to be out of its owner’s possession for some time for the jail-breaking process. 

Highster Mobile is not just a plain sms tracker but a full suite monitor. Though you do need to install the Highster software on the target phone, it runs remote monitoring smoothly and quietly on the target iOS device.

The Good:
  • $136 one-time purchase. No monthly fees.
  • In the market for several years
  • The iPhone or iPad does not need to be jail-broken for this app to work.
The Bad:
  • Limited Android phone support; works better on iOS devices.
  • No online customer service support.
  • Need to install Highster software on target phone.


DDI Utilities

SMS Tracker - pros and cons of ddi utilities

Developed primarily as a backup and recovery utility app, DDI Utilities can be adapted for use as a monitoring app. Much like KidGuard, it allows remote access to the entire phone’s data including its deleted and hidden files. The data are uploaded to a secured account, which you can view on your own tablet, phone, or other device. Similar to other monitoring softwares, SMS messages are not the only things the app can track. It can show you calendar activities, photos and videos, phone location, website visits, call history, and more.

The Good:
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Offers free trials.
The Bad:
  • Needs physical access of target phone, whether it runs on iOS or Android, for initial installation of the app.
  • One device only for one subscription.



KidGuard SMS TrackerBy far the one that holds our number one spot is the child monitoring software, KidGuard is a full parental control suite that does way more than just track text conversations. It lets parents access their kid’s phone, tablet, PC, or laptop. Parents can look into photos, videos, and messages sent through SMS or other apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. KidGuard will also record the target phone’s current and past locations, call logs, and even reveal hidden or deleted files and apps. 

The Good:
  • No need to install KidGuard in target iOS devices. One of the most nerve-wracking parts of secretly tracking someone is getting physical access of the target phone and installing the spyware. With KidGuard, you’re in luck if the target phone is an Apple product. All you need are the iCloud credentials for the software to track the device.  If the handset runs on Android, however, an app needs to be installed, just as you need to do with other monitoring apps.
  • Can view messages, Instagram photos, web history, etc. all in one place.
  • Neat, uncluttered user interface that makes viewing and navigating, a cinch.
  • Multiple devices are recognized under one subscription. This perk is useful for those whose target uses more than one gadget.
  • High compatibility. Can run on both iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Offers free trials.
The Bad:
  • Compared to other monitoring software, it is relatively new
  • Still needs to be installed on Android phones, like all monitoring software.

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